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How to implement QGraphicsSceneDrag and Drop event. Qt Framework

I'm making some project for university (checkers, if exactly). I'm doing it with help of QtDesigner and in .ui file I have QGraphicsView that is my scene. The "ItemIsMovable" flag is set, of ...
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Why are the green movement buttons getting misplaced after captures in the checkers game I wrote?

I wrote code for a checkers game and the rules for the game are as follows: You can move a checker one diagonal space forward Jump your opponents checkers to remove them from the board (forced ...
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Assigning specific IDs to turtles created in a for loop

I have created a checkers game in Python turtle and am trying to assign a specific ID to each turtle created in the for loop. Is there a way I can assign a specific ID to each of these turtles? The ...
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