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Clear Linux OS is an open source, rolling release Linux distribution optimized for performance and security.

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How to install node 18 on Clear Linux OS

The native bundle from swupd of clear linux os is nodejs-basic, but is only on version 16.15 for the moment. I didn't find any documentation mentioning that they would or would not provide a version ...
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Where CMake appends additional CXXFLAGS from?

I use the Clear Linux distro (made by Intel) to build some C++ project that uses CMake. I run cmake and than make commands. When the make builds the code there is some warning about maybe-...
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Clearlinux docker container fails on CentOS7

I'm trying to run clearlinux docker container on CentOS7. It launches successfully but basic fs operations fail: $ docker run -it clearlinux:latest /bin/bash -c "ls -ld /" ls: cannot access '/': ...
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Cannot clone a particular repo from code-commit [duplicate]

I have two repositories in code-commit, I am able to clone one them, not the other from clearlinux git. Connection to closed by remote host. fatal: the remote ...
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AWS Clear Linux AMI not running User Data

I'm using an AWS AMI, ami-032138b8a0ee244c9 (N. Virginia), which is a stock Clear Linux OS image built in June this year. At instance creation, it is not running the user data it is provisioned with. ...
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