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Use this tag for questions related to cloudscribe components for ASP.NET Core. cloudscribe is a large collection of library components that are consumed as NuGet packages and provide a wide range of functionality with big features like user and role management, and content management, and lots of smaller components for things like menus and navigation, pagination, metaweblog api, RSS syndication, etc

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Add detailed info about table

I'm using the Cloudscribe.Web.Pagination [TAG HELPER] in my web application. I would like to add the detailed information that usually appears on ...
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I there a possibility to add navnodes to an existing cloudscribe.web.navigation tree?

Hei there. I am using cloudscribe.web.navigation to build a navigation in an NET6 MVC project (C# backend, JS frontend). I want to programmatically add new navnodes (or childnodes) to an existing tree ...
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Dynamic Templates or Headers on Page Route within Cloudscribe

I'd like to be able to customize the layout that is used for the views based on the content page I'm on. For example, if I'm on the homepage, I may want to have a header that originally does not ...
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CloudScribe error

When I browse at 'Site Settings, I get an error and how do resolve this issue? This happens when I create a new project using the CloudScribe framework. Parameter name: you must pass in an ...
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Implementing Non Content Sites

Can we use ClouldScribe for non-content scenarios like Classifieds Posting? Planning to develop a Classifieds Posting web application. Here I want to use cloudscribe's engine and another part (like ...
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Change web page title automatically using cloudscribe.Web.Navigation current node

My project is using core and cloudscribe.Web.Navigation for main navigation and breadcrumbs. Everything is good now. One step further I want to implement is to change title automatically using ...
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how to implement route parameters in breadcrumb in cloudscribe navigation?

I'm using cloudscribe navigation to build the sidebar and associated breadcrumb menu I couldn't find it in the help documentation, so posting here we have some route parameters in our routing ...
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Access Cloudscribe SiteID outside Controller or Views

I have a class which I want to get the Cloudscribe SiteId but I am unsure how to access it. If I was using a controller then I would be able to rely on the SiteContext to be DI'd into the constructor ...
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Is there a cloudscribe Getting Started Guide?

I'm trying to test if cloudscribe is appropriate for a project I am starting and I'm having challenges getting a cloudscribe instance running. I'm new to .NET Core 2 and not quite sure how to make it ...
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How to have a featured blog item in Cloudscribe

I'm creating a blog using Cloudscribe, and I want to be able to select one post as being a featured post. I expect the best way to achieve this is to store the 'featured' posts blog ID in the ...'s user avatar
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Compile error when using local cshtml files in CloudScribe SimpleContent

I'm 'skinning' the blog engine SimpleContent by Cloudscribe, and have copied locally the necessary partial views to give me editorial control over the html. There are two views which give me an error ...'s user avatar
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How to edit blog post HTML when using CloudScribe

I've just integrated a blog engine into my website using CloudScribe. I've been able to add my own theme and I've found it really impressive, can't wait to work with it more What I want to do next is ...'s user avatar