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How Facebook conversions API works

I was reading the documentation for the Conversions API because we are considering using it to track our offline conversions. However, I have some doubts that I would like to clear up. Can anyone here ...
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Facebook cURL for custom conversion tracking API error 100

I'm getting an error from Facebook API. string(135) "{"error":{"message":"(#100) The parameter data is required","type":"OAuthException","...
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Facebook Conversion API - Not Received Test Server Events for app

We Start for implement Facebook Conversion Api for App events. We Setup conversion api by manual Not received any server event in test event tool , specially this case: "action_source": &...
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Can Bing Ads Offline Conversions Be Achieved with Curl Command

Can Bing Ads Offline Conversions be achieved in a REST API way with the Curl command on Linux? Or, is there a way to understand the SOAP API process with Curl so that I can understand the lower-level ...
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Why is Facebook Conversions API needed to keep tracking users after the sunsetting of third-party cookies?

I hope this question is on-topic here, as it's about the tech side of the Facebook tracking. Some months ago, Facebook released their Conversions API (CAPI) to make it possible to send them user ...
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Why is FB/Meta Conversions API not deduplicating my events even though they have the same name and eventID?

I send the same event to Facebooks Event Manager from FB pixel and Conversions API. I have made sure that the event name and eventID are the exact same, and that the server event is sent after the ...
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Best practices to use the same data layer variable with Google Tag manager without Google Tag Manager Server

I am trying to implement conversions API on our page and of course the main issue is the deduplication of events. The way I avoid this, is using same event names and same event IDs (random unique ...
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Facebook Conversions API implementation with Google Tag Manager Server-Side

Hi, I have a question concerning the implementation of Facebook Conversions API via Google Tag Manager Server-Side. We are using DNN /EVOQ CMS which is a .net application. Everything else is in place ...
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Facebook Conversions API warning missing event id?

Facebook Conversion API warns me that PageView event missing event_id, but PageView event does not accept any parameters in the facebook develop document. Even though I have uploaded event_id in all ...
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Can you optimize toward non-web Facebook Conversions API events?

Facebook has introduced the "action_source" parameter into Conversions API, which for most use cases will be "website" for the value. Are we able to optimize toward conversions we ...
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Facebook Conversions API - Invalid Timestamp errors

I am receiving a handful of errors regarding the event timestamp. I have confirmed that I am sending a UNIX timestamp in seconds. This is what I have implemented in the front-end of our code to get ...
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Getting Facebook Conversions API error - " Diagnostic Issues Found "

I had recently implemented Facebook Conversions API in Facebook Ads Manager for an wordpress woocommerce website. All the test events are showing up in activity. However i am gettin this error - "...
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Facebook Pixel / E-Commerce: Deduplication for Facebook pixel and Conversions API events

As read here here browser events that were sent through Facebook Pixel and Server Events that were sent over the Conversions API will be deduplicated, for example, if they have identical event and ...
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