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Core is a complete multiplayer development platform with tools for game editing, publishing, and discovery using a Lua API and Unreal Engine.

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Function to yield treads make another function don't run correctly

I create this function to work in CoreGames -- Yields the current tread until the condition returns true checking every 'interval' seconds function _G.WaitUntil(condition, interval) if not ...
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How to pick every player in a range/region?

I think I already saw it in the CoreGames tutorials but I forget it, can you tell me pls? Example image
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Howto detect that a Lua script is running on CORE?

I would like to code if (???) then -- Code which is intended to run specially on CORE ( e.g. special references to CORE objects ) else -- Code which is not intended to run on CORE ( e.g. the standard &...
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TransferToGame with UIButton - How? (Lua)

I am currently making a main menu for my game, and one of the buttons (a "Deploy" button) needs to transfer the player to a map. However, I can't get the "Deploy" button to work. ...
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How do I display a Vector3 to a Text Box?

I want to display a Vector3 onto a Text Box but I get an error. I print the Vector and it gave me x y and z. So this should be what's displayed to the Text Box, right? But I get an error. I do not ...
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Is a string necessarily smaller than a Vector3 in storage?

I'm working on a system in Core to save the transforms of furniture, specifically position and rotation, which are both Vector3's. I have these in player storage, so at some point to save all the ...
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Core Games Scripting : Line of sight

so I'm working with a gaming engine called Core whos scripts are written in Lua. And I'm having trouble writing a script to detect line of sight, I cant seem to find any other help scripting this in ...
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