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How to print a R dataframe with colors?

With the crayon package, one can create colored strings: library(crayon) dat <- data.frame(X=c(yellow("foobar"), green("baz")), Y = cyan("qux")) Here is the encoded ...
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R printing non-printable crayon color codes when printing to sink()

I have two Windows machines. Both Windows 10. When I run the following code on each, I get two very different outputs: library(tibble) sink(file.path(tempdir(), "test.log"), append = ...
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(Automatically) display hexadecimal strings in RStudio console in their respective color?

I am aware that packages like crayon can make the RStudio console output appear in all kinds of colors when manually asked to do so with functions such as blue() ( ...
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customise R help files - font colouring

I'm wondering is it possible to customise R help files so that certain text is colour coded and easier to read. rdoc already does this except that it sends the output to the console. I would instead, ...
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Custom colored console prompt using crayon

In R I can create a custom console prompt via: options(prompt = "foo> ") And I can use the crayon package to make it a certain color: options(prompt = crayon::blue("foo> ")) However, in ...
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underline column names in R

How do you underline column names in R? I tried saving a string and then using that with library(crayon) string1 <- underline("hello") string2 <- underline("hello2") colnames(table) <- c(...
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How can I get an accurate character count when using crayon-formatted strings?

crayon is a package for adding color to printed output, e.g. library(crayon) message(red('blue'), green('green'), blue('red')) However, nchar used on its output is wrong: # should be 4 characters ...
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