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Questions tagged [data-communication]

Transmission of data between two devices connected to each other over the media.

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how to calculate switch delay for entire file?

I have a link between 3 hosts and 2 switches, 20GB file to send over, switch one has 10 μs and switch two has 20 μs? Is it right that to calculate the SWITCH DELAY FOR ENTIRE FILE= NUMBER of ...
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On what ISO/OSI layer does a hub operate?

In my studies we are right now learning about computer communication and i've gotten into a disagrement with my teacher whether a hub is operating on layer 1 or layer 2. My understanding of a hub is ...
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Do we really need 1s complement?

Why do we actually need 1s compliment? Can we simply make a number negative or positive by by just flipping one bit! the MSB bit? Why do we need to flip all bits
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How To Calculate Source and Bits

6 sources, 4-bit rate of 160 kbps, and 2-bit rate of 320 kbps are combined using multiple slot TDM with one synchronizing bit. Assuming 2 bits from the first are taken from 4 sources and 4 bits from ...
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How is payload data represented by Session Initiation Protocol?

I am wondering what is payload data and how is payload data represented by Session Initiation Protocol?
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Data communication between 2 ObservableObjects

I have 2 independent ObservableObjects called ViewModel1 and ViewModel2. ViewModel2 has an array of strings: @Published var strings: [String] = []. Whenever that array is modified i want ViewModel1 to ...
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How to perform IP subnetting on

I need to have at least 30 subnets. Also, in this case, what is the number of bits borrowed, and bits left? I am confused with the many information I got online. I appreciate any help. Thank you in ...
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What are some approaches to make sure UDP delivers packets in order?

I read that application can handle in order delivery of udp. But how does that work? There is no sequence number or anything to determine if a packet is out of order.
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Why only MAC address is used to transfer the packet to a device?

I am sorry if its basics, but I did not find the appealing answer for it over the Internet. Why only MAC is used to transfer the packet to a device ? MAC address is only obtained by ARP for a specific ...
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