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How to create an average chart based on another metric

I created a google data studio time series chart. The chart shows me the average availability for a large number of products on a weekly basis. I have another metric called turnover speed. I am trying ...
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Get the Month of a week range based on which month has more dates in Data/Looker Studio

How can I achieve this in Looker Studio's calculated field? For instance, if my date range spans from October 30 to November 05, with the week beginning (WB) date set as October 30 (as it is a Monday),...
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Google data studio (Looker) string field HH:MM:SS changed to a duration/ number that allows me to use it in a SUM

I have two issues I'm trying to solve #1 I'm importing a data set into Google data studio (Looker) by day that contains a field called 'workout-duration'. This is currently a string field in the ...
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Row level security in looker studio

I have a dataset and dashboard which will be accessed by multiple people in my company, each person has a role assigned to them e.g ELT , Directors , Managers. Now what I want is that when a person ...
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Not receiving dateRange objects via DSCC

I would like to use the dateRanges to limit the axis of my visual, but I am not receiving it. According to the documentation, dscc subscribed data should have the following fields: { fields: object(...
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Is it possible to create a select all checkbox in the SELECT_MULTIPLE configuration object in Looker Studio connector?

I want to be able to check a checkbox that will select all available options within the SELECT_MULTIPLE dropdown element during configuration of my looker studio connector. Is it possible with the ...
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Looker Studio custom visualization using Google Charts results in empty page

I realized a custom visualization for Looker Studio using the approach explained in this Codelab as well as this YouTube Video exploiting the d3 library. I am basically happy with the result, but it ...
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How to use Data Studio bindings in a Vega chart code table?

I would like to implement an example of RoseWid chart in Data Studio using the Vega community visualization, using this great code from Stan Nowak. Once adapted for the Vega plugin, it looks like this:...
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Need to create conditional stacked bar chart in Google Data Studio

I have SEO data and need to create a Stacked Bar chart with it. I have Landing Pages (URLs) and I need to sort them into 4 categories. Categorize Landing pages into Top 1-3 Landing pages by clicks; ...
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Google Data Studio - How to embed a dashboard that the user can only see the embedded dashboard and not go to the Data Studio page?

Is there a way to remove the bottom Data Studio pop-up of my embedded dashboard? The reason is that I want to embed a dashboard on my website, but I don't want to the user be able to go to the ...
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Is there a way to trigger a dataset refresh on a datastudio Report?

I have a datastudio report that is shared in view mode to some users and the same report embbeded on my company Homepage. However, because of that they cannot refresh the dataset and some of the ...
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Merge two(or multiple) Google Ads accounts to blend with another data source

How to merge two(or multiple) Google Ads accounts to blend with another data source? If I create the blended source with a third-party analytics system and two Google Ads sources I get doubled metrics ...
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Data studio filter - some of String data converting to date range automatically

In my data studio dashboard i have team size filter. This team size column contains(in google sheets) few types of team sizes(0-1,2-5,501-1000 ... ). My problem is when i add a filter using this team ...
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Google Data Studio Custom dimension showing incorrect data

I was trying to create a custom dimension that will take specific pages together for my GDS report. I need to create a dimension out of 4 pages to calculate metrics for them. Here's what I was trying ...
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Integrating d3.js Trend Chart (Area + Line) as data studio community visualisation

I am a data scientist. Mostly use python and SQL for code. I am using data studio for visualizations.So I am unfamiliar to JS. I know-how data studio community visualizations works. I want to make ...
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Can JavaScript Visualization file with multiple chart(s) implementation in community visualization be placed in central location

Is it possible in community visualization that I have one Javascript visualization file that contains multiple charts implementation and shared in central location in google cloud and that shared file ...
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D3 Graph - changing y-axis to integer

I'm trying to create integer bands in the y axes. Have tried changing .scaleband to .scalelinear and .ticks "arbitraryMetric" is stored as an integer. Code: const categories = =>...
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Creating Custom visualisations in Google Data Studio using SVG

I am currently trying to port an SVG Radial Scorecard library to Google Data Studio - but I just keep getting blank visualisations. Here is the code which works in html
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