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DeltaXML is an XML comparison toolkit with Java and .NET APIs. It comprises a number of different components that may be used for merge or comparison purposes. The APIs are generally used to tailor the comparator pipeline for specific XML vocabularies, or to provide a customised output. Custom XSLT filters can be used in the comparator input and output pipelines.

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How to specify multiple files as xmlSource in xslt task?

I am currently transforming xml to html with an xslt stylesheet. I use VS Code with the XSLT/XPath extension and have a tasks.json to do the transformation. It works fine for a single xml file, but I ...
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VSCode resolve variable cannot be resolved error in editor for *.xsl

I am using VSCode application to develop *.xsl files. I am using an *.xsl file holding global variables which I use accross the project and include it in other files. However these parameters/...
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Include parentheses as part of a word while comparing using DeltaXML

We need to include parentheses as part of the word they surround while comparing. For example: Input A: Hi (A) Input B: Hi (B) Current Output: Hi (<Inserted>B<\Inserted> <Deleted>...
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Delta XML- Dita compare getting Caught com.deltaxml.dita.FilterProcessingException

I am using deltaxml for some time and it is working fine. But for a specific dita topics , I am getting these warnings in the logs: WARNING: Caught com.deltaxml.dita.FilterProcessingException: ...
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Create a DeltaXML Core instance using a different version of Saxon

I'm using DeltaXML Core v7.1 and its Java API (PipelinedComparatorS9 class) to implement an XML comparison tool. My code first uses our own Saxon XSLT processor (v9.6.0.9) to pre-process the XML for ...
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