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Given a tree T = (V, E), find the direct path from a vertex v to vertex w

I'm stuck in my algorithm assignment which ask to find the direct path in a tree(V, E) with n vertices (acyclic indirect graph) from vertex v to vertex w in time complexity O(dist(v, w)). I have to ...
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How to use Direct Path in OCCI?

From the OCCI documentation, I cannot find an obvious API to use DirectPath, do I need call OCI api directly in the OCCI application?
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Direct-Path INSERT query generates ORA-00918 error

can you please explain why the error ORA-00918 is generated while executing this query INSERT INTO CLG_TEST_2 (CLG_TEST_2.record_id, CLG_TEST_2.chain_id, CLG_TEST_2.chain_n, CLG_TEST_2....
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Is it possible to use direct path insertion with JDBC/Java?

We have an application written in C and Pro*C which inserts data from log files into an Oracle 11.2 database using host arrays and bulk insertion. This uses the APPEND and NOLOGGING hints to take ...
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Can a direct path insert into a LOB column?

If my target table has a BLOB column in it, can I use direct path? I found this statement from Oracle: Supplemental logging is not enabled and the table does not have a LOB column I did not know if ...
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Can you using joins with direct path inserts?

I have tried to find examples but they are all simple with a single where clause. Here is the situation. I have a bunch of legacy data transferred from another database. I also have the "good" ...
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How do I parallel direct-path load using Oracle external tables?

Some years ago, Thomas Kyte said this (here): My favorite use of external tables: Load this really big file ASAP. In the past, setup the scripts to parallel direct path load. Coordinate the ...
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