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For questions about building and running Docker containers. DOCKER QUESTIONS MUST BE SPECIFICALLY RELATED TO SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT. Suitable topics include Dockerfiles, Docker Compose, and architecture. As a rule of thumb, if your question is about something happening inside the container, it's probably on-topic here; if it's outside the container, it is probably off-topic.

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How is Docker different from a virtual machine?

I keep rereading the Docker documentation to try to understand the difference between Docker and a full VM. How does it manage to provide a full filesystem, isolated networking environment, etc. ...
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From inside of a Docker container, how do I connect to the localhost of the machine?

I have a Nginx running inside a docker container. I have a MySql running on the host system. I want to connect to the MySql from within my container. MySql is only binding to the localhost device. Is ...
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2900 votes
16 answers

What is the difference between the 'COPY' and 'ADD' commands in a Dockerfile?

What is the difference between the COPY and ADD commands in a Dockerfile, and when would I use one over the other? COPY <src> <dest> The COPY instruction will copy new files from <...
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2687 votes
27 answers

Docker: Copying files from Docker container to host

I'm thinking of using Docker to build my dependencies on a Continuous Integration (CI) server, so that I don't have to install all the runtimes and libraries on the agents themselves. To achieve ...
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2563 votes
19 answers

What is the difference between CMD and ENTRYPOINT in a Dockerfile?

In Dockerfiles there are two commands that look similar to me: CMD and ENTRYPOINT. But I guess that there is a (subtle?) difference between them - otherwise it would not make any sense to have two ...
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2347 votes
51 answers

How to copy files from host to Docker container?

I am trying to build a backup and restore solution for the Docker containers that we work with. I have Docker base image that I have created, ubuntu:base, and do not want have to rebuild it each time ...
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2179 votes
10 answers

Should I use Vagrant or Docker for creating an isolated environment? [closed]

I use Ubuntu for development and deployment and have a need for creating an isolated environment. I am considering either Vagrant or Docker for this purpose. What are the pros and cons, or how do ...
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2124 votes
21 answers

How to copy Docker images from one host to another without using a repository

How do I transfer a Docker image from one machine to another one without using a repository, no matter private or public? I create my own image in VirtualBox, and when it is finished I try to deploy ...
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2060 votes
56 answers

How to get a Docker container's IP address from the host

Is there a command I can run to get the container's IP address right from the host after a new container is created? Basically, once Docker creates the container, I want to roll my own code ...
1912 votes
31 answers

How do I get into a Docker container's shell?

I'm getting started working with Docker. I'm using the WordPress base image and docker-compose. I'm trying to ssh into one of the containers to inspect the files/directories that were created during ...
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1468 votes
10 answers

How to force Docker for a clean build of an image

I have build a Docker image from a Docker file using the below command. $ docker build -t u12_core -f u12_core . When I am trying to rebuild it with the same command, it's using the build cache like:...
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1439 votes
66 answers

How to remove old Docker containers

This question is related to Should I be concerned about excess, non-running, Docker containers?. I'm wondering how to remove old containers. The docker rm 3e552code34a lets you remove a single one, ...
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1239 votes
21 answers

How do I pass environment variables to Docker containers?

How can one access an external database from a container? Is the best way to hard code in the connection string? # Dockerfile ENV DATABASE_URL amazon:rds/connection?string
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1211 votes
31 answers

What is the difference between a Docker image and a container?

When using Docker, we start with a base image. We boot it up, create changes and those changes are saved in layers forming another image. So eventually I have an image for my PostgreSQL instance and ...
1064 votes
15 answers

How to deal with persistent storage (e.g. databases) in Docker

How do people deal with persistent storage for your Docker containers? I am currently using this approach: build the image, e.g. for PostgreSQL, and then start the container with docker run --...
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1058 votes
29 answers

How to remove old and unused Docker images

When running Docker for a long time, there are a lot of images in system. How can I remove all unused Docker images at once safety to free up the storage? In addition, I also want to remove images ...
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1026 votes
32 answers

Exploring Docker container's file system

I've noticed with docker that I need to understand what's happening inside a container or what files exist in there. One example is downloading images from the docker index - you don't have a clue ...
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1012 votes
31 answers

Where are Docker images stored on the host machine?

I managed to find the containers under directory /var/lib/docker/containers, but I can't find the images. What are the directories and files under /var/lib/docker?
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975 votes
33 answers

How to fix docker: Got permission denied issue

I installed Docker in my machine where I have Ubuntu OS. When I run: sudo docker run hello-world All is ok, but I want to hide the sudo command to make the command shorter. If I write the command ...
965 votes
14 answers

How to list containers in Docker

There's a command to list images, docker images, but there doesn't seem to be a corresponding docker containers. Other than becoming root and looking into /var/lib/docker there doesn't seem a way to ...
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900 votes
5 answers

What is the difference between ports and expose in docker-compose?

What is the difference between ports and expose options in docker-compose.yml?
890 votes
21 answers

Docker Compose - How to execute multiple commands?

I want to do something like this where I can run multiple commands in the following code: db: image: postgres web: build: . command: python migrate command: python ...
878 votes
20 answers

How does one remove a Docker image?

I'm running Docker under Vagrant under OS X 10.8.4 (Mountain Lion), and whenever I try to delete a saved image, I get an error: $ docker rmi some-image-id 2013/07/15 hh:mm:ss unexpected JSON input ...
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869 votes
27 answers

How to mount a host directory in a Docker container

I am trying to mount a host directory into a Docker container so that any updates done on the host is reflected into the Docker containers. Where am I doing something wrong. Here is what I did: ...
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861 votes
26 answers

How can I delete all local Docker images?

I recently started using Docker and never realized that I should use docker-compose down instead of ctrl-c or docker-compose stop to get rid of my experiments. I now have a large number of unneeded ...
844 votes
16 answers

Error "The input device is not a TTY"

I am running the following command from my Jenkinsfile. However, I get the error "The input device is not a TTY". docker run -v $PWD:/foobar -it cloudfoundry/cflinuxfs2 /foobar/ Is there a ...
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835 votes
14 answers

Docker how to change repository name or rename image?

I'm trying to change repository name of the image: REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED VIRTUAL SIZE server latest d583c3ac45fd ...
807 votes
19 answers

How to include files outside of Docker's build context?

How can I include files from outside of Docker's build context using the "ADD" command in the Docker file? From the Docker documentation: The path must be inside the context of the build; you ...
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763 votes
22 answers

How do I edit a file after I shell to a Docker container?

I successfully shelled to a Docker container using: docker exec -i -t 69f1711a205e bash Now I need to edit file and I don't have any editors inside: root@69f1711a205e:/# nano bash: nano: command ...
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762 votes
64 answers

denied: requested access to the resource is denied: docker

I am following this link to create my first docker Image and it went successfully and now I am trying to push this Image into my docker repository from this link. But whenever I am trying to push this ...
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751 votes
14 answers

How to see docker image contents

I did a docker pull and can list the image that's downloaded. I want to see the contents of this image. Did a search on the net but no straight answer.
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732 votes
4 answers

What is the runtime performance cost of a Docker container?

I'd like to comprehensively understand the run-time performance cost of a Docker container. I've found references to networking anecdotally being ~100µs slower. I've also found references to the run-...
718 votes
12 answers

Run a Docker image as a container

After building a Docker image from a dockerfile, I see the image was built successfully, but what do I do with it? Shouldn't i be able to run it as a container?
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715 votes
8 answers

What is the difference between "expose" and "publish" in Docker?

I'm experimenting with Dockerfiles, and I think I understand most of the logic. However, I don't see the difference between "exposing" and "publishing" a port in this context. All the tutorials I ...
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701 votes
15 answers

How do I assign a port mapping to an existing Docker container?

I'm not sure if I've misunderstood something here, but it seems like it's only possible to set port mappings by creating a new container from an image. Is there a way to assign a port mapping to an ...
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695 votes
58 answers

Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:/var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?

I have applied every solution available on internet but still I cannot run Docker. I want to use Scrapy Splash on my server. Here is history of commands I ran. docker run -p 8050:8050 scrapinghub/...
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690 votes
31 answers

Docker error : no space left on device

I installed docker on a Debian 7 machine in the following way $ echo deb docker main > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/docker.list $ sudo apt-get update $ curl -sSL https://...
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688 votes
4 answers

In a Dockerfile, How to update PATH environment variable?

I have a dockerfile that download and builds GTK from source, but the following line is not updating my image's environment variable: RUN PATH="/opt/gtk/bin:$PATH" RUN export PATH I read that that I ...
680 votes
6 answers

How can I expose more than 1 port with Docker?

So I have 3 ports that should be exposed to the machine's interface. Is it possible to do this with a Docker container?
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668 votes
21 answers

Docker - Name is already in use by container

Running the docker registry with below command always throws an error: dev:tmp me$ docker run \ -d --name registry-v1 \ -e SETTINGS_FLAVOR=local \ -e STORAGE_PATH=/registry \ -e ...
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663 votes
17 answers

How to access host port from docker container [duplicate]

I have a docker container running jenkins. As part of the build process, I need to access a web server that is run locally on the host machine. Is there a way the host web server (which can be ...
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650 votes
11 answers

How to enter in a Docker container already running with a new TTY

I have a container that is running the Apache service in the foreground. I would like to be able to access the container from another shell in order to "poke around" inside it and examine the files. ...
641 votes
14 answers

How to upgrade docker container after its image changed

Let's say I have pulled the official mysql:5.6.21 image. I have deployed this image by creating several docker containers. These containers have been running for some time until MySQL 5.6.22 is ...
621 votes
14 answers

How to push a docker image to a private repository

I have a docker image tagged as me/my-image, and I have a private repo on the dockerhub named me-private. When I push my me/my-image, I end up always hitting the public repo. What is the exact syntax ...
615 votes
8 answers

Docker - Ubuntu - bash: ping: command not found

I've got a Docker container running Ubuntu which I did as follows: docker run -it ubuntu /bin/bash however it doesn't seem to have ping. E.g. bash: ping: command not found Do I need to install ...
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613 votes
9 answers

Difference between RUN and CMD in a Dockerfile

I'm confused about when should I use CMD vs RUN. For example, to execute bash/shell commands (i.e. ls -la) I would always use CMD or is there a situation where I would use RUN? Trying to understand ...
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607 votes
11 answers

What's the difference between Docker Compose vs. Dockerfile

I have been reading up and learning about Docker, and am trying to correctly choose the Django setup to use. So far there is either: Docker Compose or Dockerfile I understand that Dockerfiles are used ...
602 votes
31 answers

How to use local docker images with Minikube?

I have several docker images that I want to use with minikube. I don't want to first have to upload and then download the same image instead of just using the local image directly. How do I do this? ...
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602 votes
44 answers

Docker can't connect to docker daemon

After I update my Docker version to 0.8.0, I get an error message while entering sudo docker version: Client version: 0.8.0 Go version (client): go1.2 Git commit (client): cc3a8c8 2014/02/19 12:54:16 ...
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601 votes
7 answers

How do I make a comment in a Dockerfile?

I am writing a Dockerfile. Is there a way to make comments in this file? Does Docker have a comment option that takes the rest of a line and ignores it?
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