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the AsciiDoc documentation toolchain

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Does DocToolChain support Python?

I came across docToolChain ( for generating Docs. Wanted to know if this can support other programming languages such as Python, Go etc? Or will it only support Java?
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How can I use docToolchain with GitLab CICD pipeline?

Using docToolchain with GitLab CICD pipeline: I want to use the doctoolchain ( in my GitLab Projekt in a ci pipeline. I found this example ...
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2 answers

asciidoc, doctoolchain, target github readme.adoc - how to export asciidoc file containing includes into ONE file without include?

GitHub supports asciidoc readme files, but it looks like "include" is not supported. I want to use doctoolchain which can render and export to html and pdf (and maybe into other formats). ...
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Running doctoolchain in Bamboo

I try to configure the new doctoolchain wrapper to run within Bamboo. What I've done so far Create a new project locally and downloading the wrapper dtcw and dtcw.bat (version 2.0.3) Generate an ...
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How can I include a swagger/openapi yaml file into doctoolchain and get a swagger-like output without using a confluence plugin?

I've tried using to create an HTML or PDF doc that includes a swagger/openapi yaml file. It looks like the only output for this is into confluence which ...