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Questions tagged [document-versioning]

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Does Mongo db have a built in feature to auto increment document versions

Does Mongo DB has any built-in feature to auto increment versions of a document. If the newly inserted document is different then to create a new version and save previous as history. I have referred ...
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MongoDB document version update issue with JaVers

I was using Javers for mongoDB document versioning with springboot. It provides essential functionalities for versioning such as separate history collection called jv_snapshots, changed field list in ...
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MongoDB complex object versioning with Spring Boot

I'm trying to identify the best way to do mongodb object versioning. Based on the mongodb document versioning pattern, storing revisions in a history collection and having current version in main ...
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How to implement multiple versions of an object in a database

I working on a program that stores proprietary objects in a database (as BLOBs). We'd like to add a versioning capabilities (so the user can store multiple versions of an object with timestamps, etc.)....
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CouchDB view reduce one doc per key

I'm trying to solve what seems like a fairly simple problem with a couchDb view, but I'm not even getting close to the target with my result set. Rather than updating documents, I'm creating a new ...
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S3 Versioning: Is just file level versioning possible and does it recognized file formats for intelligent diff calculation?

S3 Provides bucket level versioning if am right. But if I need versioning for only few particular files in a bucket, is it possible. Further does it apply any binary/text diff strategy (like git, svn) ...
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Force uncached resources from CDN

My job uses Akamai as a CDN for its marketing website. Often times there would be changes to css or js files that are cached on the CDN when accessing the site over the domain. We're running into ...
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Get the latest checked-in version (document) of a document from SP 2010 doc library

I have a document library with versioning enabled in SharePoint 2010. I want to get the file which is checked-in and for any checked-out file, i need to get its latest checked-in version (document). ...
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Best ODM solution on PHP that support versioning

We are planning the develop of a CMS based in PHP. We are evaluating the possibility to use some open source ODM framework. We are a special interest in document versioning features. PHPCR We have ...
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How to create a column that identifies whether or not a document is the latest in SharePoint?

I have a library in SharePoint where I am uploading company documents. The titles of the documents have version numbers in them already. So would like to create a column in the library that will ...
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1 answer

MongoDB Aggregation query running very slow

We version most of our collections in Mongodb. The selected versioning mechanism is as follows: { "docId" : 174, "v" : 1, "attr1": 165 } /*version 1 */ { "docId" : 174, "v" : 2, "attr1": 165, "...
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2 answers

How can I track on which page and on which line I had modified a word document using Alfresco?

thankyou for sparing your time, I want a reliable document management system.For this purpose I think Alfresco is a good document management system. I want that who has modified that document and on ...
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1 answer

Sharepoint 2010/2013 Document Library - Access older version of document based on the metadata

Can we find a document with older version based on the metadata or can we make the sharepoint search to crawl the docuement's older version when searched by metadata through CAML query or api ?
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1 answer

Sharepoint 2010/2013 Document Library - Document Versioning

Can we control versions of the documents stored in the library like setting the beginning base version and ignore versioning on certain check-in/check-outs/modifications of a document ? We are ...
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1 answer

How can I compare directories recursive ignoring comments?

I would like to compare a complete folder with another folder and see all changes between them. But changes that are only comments (with #) should be ignored as well as any whitespace or newline ...
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2 answers

choosing versioning software

I work on windows and I need a very simple version track software to be able to check in/out a folder project, no matter what's inside. I downloaded few programs, but most of them are very complicated,...
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4 votes
1 answer

Adding more properties to existing CQRS Events

We are using NEventStore (the artist formerly known as Jonathan Oliver's EventStore) to store our CQRS events. I would like to know if it is necessary to create a new version of an Event if we wish to ...
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Does the MarkLogic Library Services API store complete copies of document versions?

How are document changes stored using the MarkLogic Library Services API?
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when trying to access older versions of my managed XML files, it gives me something like: DLS-INVALIDVERSION: (err:FOER0000) /company/1448220.xml has no version number 3 in /MarkLogic/dls.xqy, at ...
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How to disable Interface Builder document versioning from auto updating?

This question is still getting a lot of upvotes. So look at Update3. once you have upvoted, commented, answered, please please please file a radar Viewing a nib / xib, modifies the file, forcing me ...
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Questions Using SVN as Document Control System

I am looking at a way to do better document control for a document library at my work consisting of SOPs, forms, etc. (Mostly Microsoft Word files.) As far as actual changes to documents, I am ...
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