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Questions tagged [double-underscore]

Use this tag for questions related to a Double Underscore, i.e. `__`.

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How to use variable in a double underscore method in python / django

I am using the django framework to create a website where i have to do some filtering on my database. I have created a function where you can filter upon any field in the database. I need to use the ...
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1 answer

Using double underscore to directly update foreign key's field in Django?

I am using double underscore to filter a model or get values from it in Django like this: # filtering model furthers = myModel.objects.filter(foreignKeyField__furtherField=value) # getting values ...
5 votes
4 answers

Why is python mangling here

Why does this code fail if there is no cls. before __TEXT __TEXT = "abcde" print(__TEXT) class aaa(): @classmethod def bbb(cls): print(__TEXT) aaa.bbb() The output is: ...
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2 answers

Instance attribute that has a name starting with two underscores is weirdly renamed

With the current implementation of my class when I try to get the value of a private attribute using class method I get None as the output. Any Ideas on where I'm going wrong? Code from abc import ABC,...
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is there a way i can use methods whose name start with underscore in python

Refer code for datetime python module """Concrete date/time and related types. See for time zone and DST data sources. ""...
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1 answer

Python: Is there any issue with using __getattribute__ within a class?

I have created a class for managing subscriptions to a messaging service. The class instantiates three separate clients for reasons related to the configuration for each subscription, also three per ...
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AttributeError when trying to access class methods that do exist

I am trying to write tests for class methods but when I call them I get an AttributeError which complains the methods don't exist. class Foo: @staticmethod def __method_to_test(x) ...
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1 answer

How can I apply :special-members: to just one class inside an automodule directive?

I am putting together Sphinx-driven (v1.3.1) documentation for a Python 2.7 project using autodoc and napoleon. Inside one module, which I'd like to document with a single automodule:: directive, I ...
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4 votes
1 answer

XStream double underscore - handling in Java Spring Batch Application Context

​I am using XStream for oxm (Java Objects to xml). NameCoder uses underscore as the default escape character (more info below) and since I have ext_data as an xml tag, it is being written as ...
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1 answer

Filtering out choiceless polls in the Django tutorial causes polls in the index to duplicate

I've edited the code from the tutorial for the index view to look like this: class IndexView(generic.ListView): template_name = 'polls/index.html' context_object_name = 'latest_poll_list' ...
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1 answer

Open file when path contain folder which name starts with double underscore

I can't open a file if its path contains a folder which name starts with double underscore. For example: File = open('C:\user\__foldername\file.txt') It works if the folder's name starts with only ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Ruby variable name with double underscores

Sometimes I see variable names with double underscore in the beginning and the end. For example: Article.__elasticsearch__ Is there some naming convention related to double underscores in Ruby ...
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1 answer

What kind of template engine uses double underscore enclosure?

I was asked to continue & modify a CMS project which seems to be custom made. Taken from one of the files is the code below: <!-- BEGINACCESS_DATA=LoginData --> <ul id="topleftlogin" ...
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2 answers

A full list of special double-underscore properties in standard python libraries?

Would anyone have a list of special python properties that begin and end with a double underscore with a brief explanation of their functionality? Something along the following lines: { "...
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4 votes
1 answer

Import __module__ python: why the underscores?

I am new to Python, and have started working on code written by others. In the source of packages downloaded from Pypi I have noticed the use of import __module__ to use functions and classes ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Python double underscore mangling

I am a bit confused by this behavior (using python 3.2): class Bar: pass bar = Bar() bar.__cache = None print(vars(bar)) # {'__cache': None} class Foo: def __init__(self): ...
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2 votes
3 answers

the cost of rewrite __setattr__ () was too high

I want to save the time and mark the object as modified, so I wrote a class and override its __setattr__ function. import time class CacheObject(object): __slots__ = ('modified', 'lastAccess') ...
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528 votes
6 answers

Why do some functions have underscores "__" before and after the function name?

This "underscoring" seems to occur a lot, and I was wondering if this was a requirement in the Python language, or merely a matter of convention? Also, could someone name and explain which functions ...
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49 votes
3 answers

Why some attribute names start with double underscore in JavaScript?

I see some attributes of some objects in JavaScript start with double underscore. For example, something like __defineGetter__ or __defineSetter__ or __proto__. Is it a convention defined ECMAScript ...
5 votes
6 answers

What does underscoring methods connote?

I am relatively new to the Python language and encountered this in doing the following: help(list) Here is what I encountered: __add__(...) | x.__add__(y) <==> x+y | | __contains__(......
67 votes
4 answers

Private Variables and Methods in Python [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: The meaning of a single- and a double-underscore before an object name in Python Which should I use _foo (an underscore) or __bar (double underscore) for private members and ...
9 votes
5 answers

Underscore in php function

What does it mean when a PHP function name begins with an underscore? for example: __construct() I know what the construct means but I've seen other places where the function begins with an ...
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4 answers

What does double underscore ( __const) mean in C?

extern int ether_hostton (__const char *__hostname, struct ether_addr *__addr) __THROW; I found the above function definition in /usr/include/netinet/ether.h on a Linux box. Can someone explain ...
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4 answers

What is this double underscore in Cocoa

The single underscore in Objective-C is apparently reserved for Apple's "internal" use (and was available for use with private instance variables prior to Apple's claim). But why would they use a ...
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