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Dylan is a general-purpose, high-level programming language, designed for use in application and systems programming.

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Install Open Dylan on ARM architecture [closed]

I was looking through a long list of programming languages and I found one (Not too far down the alphabetical list) called Dylan. Being a Dylan myself, I instantly felt a connection with this language ...
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Are functions mutable in multiple dispatch systems?

Have I understood correctly that in (most? some?) multiple dispatch languages each method gets added to the function at some point in time of program's execution. Can I then conclude that multiple ...
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Using Dylan to Write a Parser

I would like to write a parser for a typesetting language I am helping to develop. I haven't coded anything in many years and while looking at various language options I came across Dylan. It looks ...
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What's the point of restart handlers?

Must a restart handler be signal-ed from within another handler, or can it be signal-ed directly by the code where the exceptional condition was detected? If it must be signal-ed from within a ...
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Basic Encryption Program Not Reading Properly From File

I'm trying to make a program get an input at one instance to encrypt for a user, at in another instance(whenever the user wants) derive from the same file created in the encryption run and reverses ...
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standard (idiomatic) way of convert an object to string

I tried to print an object of this class: define class <bill> (<object>) slot num :: <string>; slot ref :: <string>; end class <bill>; I can make a method like ...
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I can't run any project in openDylan

I installed the software openDylan (windows 32 bit) but I can't run any program on it. I created a project and when I compile the project I get the following error: building targets: exe don't know ...
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What would Clojure lose by switching away from leading parenthesis like Dylan, Julia and Seph?

Three lispy homoiconic languages, Dylan, Julia and Seph all moved away from leading parenthesis - so a hypothetical function call in Common Lisp that would look like: (print hello world) Would look ...
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Syntax of Array and Functions in apple Dylan

i am new with apple dylan and I can't find in the net what is the syntax of Arrays and Dylan.I'll be glad, if you give me some examples too. Thank you very much for your attention!
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How to write this C++ code into apple dylan

I'm new to computer programming. I need help with this task. I need to convert this simple C++ source code into apple dylan code. This is the original mathematical statement: Task: Input an integer ...
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How mature is the current Open Dylan implementation?

Open Dylan looks really interesting. However before I would use it in real development, I would like to know how mature the implementation is. I know that Dylan itself is an old language and it has ...
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What makes (open) Dylan distinct from other programming languages? [closed]

Nowadays there are so many programming languages out there: functional, object oriented, dynamically or statically typed, or mixes of these characteristics. Recently I noticed this release: http://...