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Questions tagged [esy]

esy is an easy package management tool for native Reason, OCaml and more. It is based on package.json instead of Opam files. It supports locking, deterministic and offline build, project isolation, and shared build caches.

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How to install an OCaml variant like 4.08.0+fp+flambda via Esy?

When installing OCaml packages via esy (instead of opam), which package.json entry is needed to install a specific OCaml variant, such as "4.08.0+fp+flambda" instead of "4.08.0"? I tried several ...
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How to use a bucklescript library with rtop in an esy project?

I am attempting to use rtop as repl on an esy project. In order to do so, I have added "@esy-ocaml/rtop":"*" to the devDependencies section of my package.json file, and tried to start rtop with esy ...
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