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Questions tagged [eurekalog]

EurekaLog is an exception tracer tool for Delphi and C++ Builder applications.

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1 answer

How can I get a callback from EurekaLog when it catches an exception?

I'd like to add a record of all clicks made whenever EurekaLog creates a .el file. For this, I'd need a callback from EurekaLog whenever it catches an exception, so I can dump all recorded clicks into ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Can not use Eureka Log function in module

I am getting some error while running my Delphi XE2 application with Eureka log. I have a licensed copy of Eureka Log and follow all the steps as per document, but still getting the error below: ...
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Get the EurekaLog call stack of a specified thread at any time [duplicate]

Is it possible to get current call stack of a thread with specified thread id without any exception? GetThreadCallStack (ThreadId)?
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2 votes
1 answer

Delphi EurekaLog and OmniThreadLibrary incompatible?

I have a simple program that creates an OmniThread workerpool in the 'initialization' of a unit and destroys the same pool in the 'finalization' of that unit. This works fine as long as we do not use ...
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Convert a snippet of Delphi code to C++Builder

I am working with the EurekaLog bug catcher for Delphi/C++Builder. All of their examples are in Delphi and I am using C++Builder. The Delphi code below is one of their examples that causes a software ...
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How to get call stack of a handled exception using EurekaLog

I'm using Delphi 7 and EurekaLog 7 (in compatibility mode) and simply want to get call stack of a handled exception, like procedure CrossThreadFunc; begin try SomeCode; except on E: ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Correct logging within thread without dialog with Eurekalog

I have a Delphi 10 project using the latest version of EurekaLog. I'm currently using EurekaLog to help me debug problems in my production clients. I noticed that EurekaLog wasn't registering errors ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How to set e.message before Eurekalog call

I'm using the code below to try to create a custom error message for logging by EL. The code works for logging myself (ie when {ifNdef EUREKALOG}) - in which case the '(Extra Info)' shows in the ...
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EurekaLog analog for Visual Studio

Delphi developers remember the awesome tool called EurekaLog, it is nice exception reporting tool that integrates into the application. The question is addressed to the .NET developers who are using ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Why the debugger won't take me to the line that generated an AV?

I have a program that started to crash on shutdown. The debugger shows: --------------------------- Debugger Exception Notification --------------------------- Project Project1.exe raised exception ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Delphi XE8 Application handling and 3rd party exception handling tools

I have given to maintain a project in delphi for which I don't have a clue :). It was converted to XE8 from D5. So it has a lot of custom things ( I am replacing some custom Object lists with ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Get the call stack from EurekaLog at any time

There are many posts on SO about getting the call stack for exception handling, and we have EurekaLog for handling that, but I really want to be able to get the stack at any point during runtime, just ...
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1 answer

Parallel installation of EurekaLog 6.1 and 7

According to this blog post Using EurekaLog 6 and EurekaLog 7 on the same machine and/or in the same IDE version a parallel installation of EurekaLog 6.1 and 7.x on the same machine is possible. ...
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6 votes
1 answer

What is 'Limited Debug Information'? (Full “Debugging Information" generates huge EXE files)

I installed Delphi XE7 recently. When I first compiled an old app my jaw dropped when I have seen that the size of the EXE increased with 10MB! Playing in the 'Project options' I discovered that ...
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2 answers

Eurekalog "HTTP upload": How can I send the program name?

In several Delphi XE2 projects, I have set up Eurekalog to send bug reports via "HTTP upload" which works well, as I use a PHP script to catch the bug report, save it in a directory and send it to me ...
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3 answers

How to deploy with eurekalog?

I'm having a problem trying to deploy an application with eurekalog to solve some memory leaks that happen in a specific scenario. When I configure my app project to use eurekalog under the delphi IDE ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Now that TEurekaExceptionRecord is deprecated in EurekaLog 7, what replaces LogText?

While migrating from EurekaLog 6 to 7, I came to notice a compiler warning that TEurekaExceptionRecord is deprecated and I should use TEurekaExceptionInfo. In my Delphi 7 app with EurekaLog 6, there ...
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