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evalML no module named pymeeus

I just installed a new conda enviroment with python 3.9, compatible with evalML. I installed evalML with pip because conda was failing and I took care to intall "Windows Additional Requirements &...
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EVALML used for AUTOML library

----> 3 import evalml 10 frames /usr/local/lib/python3.10/dist-packages/evalml/pipelines/components/transformers/preprocessing/ in 3 4 import featuretools as ft ----&...
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EvalML Library - time series multivariate forecasting allowed?

I'm approaching to EvalML Library, I was wondering if it supports multivariate time series forecasting, allowing multiple different features in input to forecast one target variable. Actual time ...
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AutoMLSearch with EvalML returning an error

I am getting following error message while trying to run AutoMLSearch with EvalML. "All pipelines in the current AutoML batch produced a score of np.nan on the primary objective <evalml....
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While using AutoML from EvalML getting error AttributeError: 'DataTable' object has no attribute 'to_series'

I am running eval.automl on a data, made a class column as below: df.loc[(df.quality<6), 'flag_class'] = 1 df.loc[(df.quality==6), 'flag_class'] = 2 df.loc[(df.quality>6), 'flag_class'] = 3 ...
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