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Uploading data to a Custom dimension META

I'm trying to upload data to a Custom Dimension of META through a Python Script. The amount of data I've got is aboyt 252.000 rows, so I've got to use a batch of 10.000 as Meta says. The problem is ...
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Is there a way to update custom audience in facebook adset via Java SDK provided by meta

I want to update/add a custom audience to already ACTIVE facebook ad campaign. Custom Audience is part of the Adset. I am not able to find the field in Adset which corresponds to custom audience. Also ...
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Facebook ads custom audience Data is missing or does not match schema error

i was building a integration with the facebook ads audience API, and according the documentation the request must be created like this: POST -<...
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Facebook custom audiences error: "There was a problem replacing your customer list Custom Audience. Try again later." - Marketing API

We have a platform that offers the possibility to our clients to create and push custom audiences to facebook. We use the replace endpoint to replace existing user from the audiences. The audiences ...
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Facebook graph api website custom audience rules not created giving error

I am trying to create website custom audience using Facebook graph API. I have used the same rules data provided in their documentation, the audience created but the rule are not display there on ...
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How to filter Facebook custom audience GET request by data_source type and subtype via filtering parameter

I am trying to filter Facebook custom audience that we get via this endpoint: var url = $"{advertiserId}/customaudiences?limit={limit}&fields=name" + "&...
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Facebook custom audience PHP users replace

I'm trying to sync a custom audience with the php fb sdk. My script looks like this: foreach ($users->pluck('email') as $email) { $hashed[] = [hash('sha256', $email)]; } try { (new ...
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For ad retargeting, how does Facebook match people who visit your website using a mobile browser with people who have Facebook accounts?

Consider the following specific scenario: - You have installed Facebook Pixel javascript code on your website. You have created a "website custom audience" in the Facebook Ads Manager so ...
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Getting empty object when sharing lookalike audience with adaccount - Facebook API

Making a POST request to share Custom Facebook Audience POST {custom_audience_id}/adaccounts?adaccounts=[<ad_account_id>]&relationship_type=[<relationship_type>] returns the object as ...
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Facebook Marketing API - lookalike audience creation - Can't create a duplicate lookalike

I'm making lookalike custom audiences via the Facebook API but I keep getting this error message when I try to make a second audience from the same seed: "(#2654) Can't create a duplicate ...
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Google Custom Audience/Similar Audience API

How can a CRM data be sent to Google Ads via API as a custom audience just like Facebook Custom Audience? Is there any sample APIs that I can refer to build one. What i see so far is below on google ...
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Using facebook external_id with pixel and custom audience

I am wanting to link visitors who have visited my website and then have performed an offline task up within a facebook audience. I have set up facebook pixel to push a external_id when a user visits ...
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Facebook throwing strange error when attempting to create custom audience with sandbox ad account

My team has had a FB marketing/business account for 2 years now, and we opened our sandbox account around that time. However, when I run my script to create an audience for the sandbox account, I ...
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Facebook ads API // passing fbp parameters to build the target Custom Audiences

I want to make retargeting audiences in facebook Facebook writes in its documentation that i need to hash and send the emails and phone numbers. link Also Facebook has its fbp identifier (which ...
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Facebook - Custom audience deleting users issues

I could successfully able to push users into custom audience in facebook in this endpoint - Now I need to delete the user from the custom ...
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Facebook CustomAudience - Policy ID is not available for Ad Account

I have problem with getting more information about Custom Audience. I'm setting the id that I have from first request but I need more information. I use java code: APINodeList<CustomAudience> ...
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Facebook Audience API - Targeting Audiences using Shapefiles

I know it's possible to target ads geographically based on zip codes and/or the radius around a given coordinate. Is it somehow possible to target ads geographically based on a shapefile (census ...
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