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How to fix access to XMLHttpRequest blocked by CORS policy in Facebook customer chat?

I have added customer chat plugin code generated by Facebook wizard on my otherwise empty page. <div id="fb-root"></div> <!-- Your Customer chat code --> <div id="...
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What does `FB.init({ appId });` actually do if I'm only using Facebook Customer Chat?

This is Facebook Customer Chat's embed code: (docs: <!-- Messenger Chat Plugin Code --> <div id="...
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How to add Facebook chat messenger to Next.js?

I am trying to add Facebook customer chat in my Next.js app, but it doesn't work. I couldn't find any problem with my code. How can I add Facebook customer chat in my Next.js app? Is there any ...
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Cannot send message successfully as a GUEST in Facebook customer chat plugin

After implement FB customer chat plugin using Gatsby, it can be shown on my website. However, the conversation for GUEST, indicate that "The message cannot be sent" for some reason, please ...
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How to track engagement with facebook chat plugin with tag manager?

I've implemented a custom HTML tag on my website with Google Tag Manager. Right now it sends events to Google Analytics if the dialog is shown. Can I also set up an event that tracks when users ...
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Facebook Customer Chat slowing down your website? Found solution to trick Google PageSpeed Insights

Today i encountered issue with Facebook SDK. Facebook Customer Chat have drastically lowered my Google PageSpeed Insights score by over a 40 points... I have't found any answers on stack, so i came up ...
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Facebook customer chat get OAuth of logged user

I'm building system in which user can sign in into his account with facebook customer chat interface. So I need 2 callbacks from chat to my js: Get OAuth user data to sign in into his account on my ...
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Facebook customer chat plugin disappering when refresh page

I added this code for facebook customer chat plugin to my website <!-- Load Facebook SDK for JavaScript --> <div id="fb-root"></div> <script> ...
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Fb-customerchat is not showing for MVC 5

edit - Just search through all the post with 'fb-customerchat' and even trying out their codes with my app id, somehow none of it works I have been trying to add a Facebook Customer Chat into a ...
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How to disable facebook automatic greeting message on website

I inserted the following code into the head tag. This enabled me to get the Facebook Messenger inside my website. <!-- Load Facebook SDK for JavaScript --> <div id="fb-root"></...
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How to implement Facebook Messenger customer chat SDK in Nuxt, Vue?

i was doing this implementation with Facebook Messenger customer chat SDK into my Nuxt app. Solution 1 (worked 0%): I tried the package, and it didn'...
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Facebook customer chat `visually stuck` when coming directly from Facebook APP

I got a website that uses facebook customer chat, it works very good from any browser. but we posted the website link on facebook and after user sees & click the link on the facebook mobile app, ...
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"Uncaught ReferenceError: FB is not defined " chat stops working

I'm using fb customer chat ob my website and trying to basically close the whole chat when a user closes the chat window i managed to make a small code that achieves this. function hide_facebook() {...
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Messenger customer chat plugin - referral webhook event not received on mobile

I've been using the Messenger customer chat plugin quite often but I recently discovered that I don't receive any 'ref' tags when a mobile user tries to talk to me through the Messenger chat plugin. ...
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Facebook Messenger Customer Chat not showing

I'm trying to include Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin in my website, but the plugin is not showing. It was working fine couple days ago but suddenly it stopped working. I'm getting two types ...
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Any way to show facebook customer Chat Plugin only for visitor having facebook session

I'm thinking in using "facebook customer Chat" as an alternative live chat support in my website, is it available to show it only if the user have a facebook session, mean already logged in, and if ...
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Facebook Customer Chat missing Close Button

I have implement the FB Customer Chat on a website and working ok. The issue i am having is that there is no obvious way to close the dialog (i.e having an (x) button) if the user does not need the ...
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facebook customer chat messenger positioning

So i've installed the facebook customer chat messenger plugin on my website and it works fine, but i need to align it to the left of the website and if possible also change the size of the button (it'...
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Hide facebook customer chat plugin's greeting dialog on page load

I have been trying to hide the customer chat plugin's greeting dialog on initial page load. Here are the things that didn't work: greeting_dialog_display attribute greeting_dialog_delay attribute ...
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Facebook Messenger customer chat plugin is not working

We have tried to integrate Facebook Customer Plugin to one of our websites. We followed the instructions in the developer documentation, but it‘s not working. At first we get this notifacation with ...
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Facebook Customer Chat Plugin For React with Typescript

I am developing a website with react and typescript and I want to include the Facebook customer chat plugin. I found this Node module Which ...
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Custom placement in DOM for multiple facebook plugins

I'm developing a WordPress theme that has a sidebar and in it I've added the jetpack Facebook page widget. I want to also add the Facebook customer chat plugin to the site. The issue I'm having is ...
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How to install FB Customer Chat Plugin to my WordPress website?

How to install Customer Chat Plugin? I am not a developer so please explain easily. For your reference, I am using a WordPress and URL is 1) I added my website domain ...
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How to Customize Facebook Customer Chat Plugin (beta)

I know the Customer Chat Plugin is only in beta mode, but I would love to use it if I can. After looking over the docs, I can't seem to find a way to customize the functionality of the chat widget. ...
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Chat window visible even after setting minimized="true"

I am using FB Customer Chat plugin on my site and have set the minized option to true. It was working fine and now all of a sudden the chat window appears by default and I am not able to close the ...
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Change Facebook Customer Chat Plugin Icon to a Custom One

Any ideas on how to change Facebook Customer Chat Plugin icon to a custom one? The whole Facebook customer chat is loaded over iframe, so it seems there is not much to do there, I've tried placing my ...
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React - Unknown prop `page_id` on <div> tag. Remove this prop from the element

I'm integrating Facebook's Customer Chat Plugin to my website. In the instructions it says: include a div with the following attributes in your HTML: <div class="fb-customerchat" page_id="<...
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Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin not appearing when not logged in

I have integrated Facebook Customer Plugin on one of our websites. I followed the instructions in the developer documentation. It is working fine when there is an active facebook session. However, the ...
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Refused to display..... frame-ancestors

I have included Facebook customer chat plugin on my website. It works fine for the first day. From the second day, it's not working. I have seen an error message in Google Chrome console: Refused to ...
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