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Test Users unable to view product catalogue linked to App on Facebook

I am trying to have my test users access my product catalogue that is linked to my app I have set up on facebook. I have added another account to with the tester role in the app (since facebook has ...
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Posting Products to Facebook using the facebook-nodejs-business-sdk

I have been trying to set up the facebook APIs to work with my react app. I succeeded pulling the products from an existing catalogue. When posting the product, I am first saving it to my database for ...
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1 answer

Uploading AdImage using Facebook NodeJS Business SDK

I am trying to use the facebook node business sdk and I am having some issues. I am using an api key from the ad sandbox account. I am trying to call createAdImage but I get hit with an error that ...
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Facebook webhook verification response structure

This is my first time posting the question so please feel to provide feedback to improve the question. Facebook webhook mentions that the endpoint should be first verified before the webhook endpoint ...
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How to send Microdata event using facebook conversions api?

I have already set up Facebook pixel in my website but currently the events are being sent by the browser. To reduce redundancy such as events being blocked due to adblockers and other browser ...
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Unable to update the Facebook Ad Creative data with Facebook API

In my NodeJS application have used "facebook-nodejs-business-sdk" package for Facebook Ads Creation, I can create the Facebook Carousel Ad with AdCreative, But I unable to update the Ad ...
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1 answer

How to get INTERESTS in the "facebook-nodejs-business-sdk"

I am developing an application to consume the facebook api using the package "facebook-nodejs-business-sdk" in version v9.0. I'm looking for a method to get interests, but I can't find it. I ...
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Facebook ad sdk returning 'Incorrect Location Format'

I'm using the node.js facebook sdk facebook-nodejs-business-sdk in a firebase function to update Ad Sets targeting parameter with the custom_locations and have tried many different ways to update it, ...
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2 answers

You can't run lead ads until your Facebook Page accepts Facebook's Lead Generation Terms of Service

I cannot create an adset. The error message that I get is "You can't run lead ads until your Facebook Page accepts Facebook's Lead Generation Terms of Service." I have already accepted the ...
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