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Questions tagged [facebook]

Facebook Platform lets developers integrate their apps directly into the Facebook social networking service. Use this tag for questions which may arise when developing FOR Facebook. This tag is NOT for support questions about using the Facebook website or the official Facebook app. It is also NOT for questions of the “I want to implement a feature similar to what Facebook has” variety.

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1756 votes
13 answers

How does Facebook disable the browser's integrated Developer Tools?

So apparently because of the recent scams, the developer tools is exploited by people to post spam and even used to "hack" accounts. Facebook has blocked the developer tools, and I can't even use the ...
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757 votes
6 answers

What's the shebang/hashbang (#!) in Facebook and new Twitter URLs for?

I've just noticed that the long, convoluted Facebook URLs that we're used to now look like this: http://www.facebook.com/example.profile#!/pages/Another-Page/123456789012345 As far as I can recall, ...
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712 votes
18 answers

How to identify if a webpage is being loaded inside an iframe or directly into the browser window?

I am writing an iframe based facebook app. Now I want to use the same html page to render the normal website as well as the canvas page within facebook. I want to know if I can determine whether the ...
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521 votes
19 answers

The developers of this app have not set up this app properly for Facebook Login?

I'm trying to make a login with Facebook available in my script. I've done everything, but when I attempt to login with a Facebook account I get this error from Facebook: Error App Not Setup: The ...
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504 votes
22 answers

Facebook Callback appends '#_=_' to Return URL

Facebook callback has started appending #_=_ hash underscore to the Return URL Does anyone know why? What is the solution?
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410 votes
4 answers

Design for Facebook authentication in an iOS app that also accesses a secured web service

Goal: Allow a user to authentication with Facebook into an iOS application which requires access to a protected web service that I'm running. Assumptions: There is a native authentication (and ...
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  • 8,038
399 votes
12 answers

How does Facebook Sharer select Images and other metadata when sharing my URL?

When using Facebook Sharer, Facebook will offer the user the option of using 1 of a few images pulled from the source as a preview for their link. How are these images selected, and how can I ensure ...
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  • 259k
370 votes
7 answers

Facebook Graph API v2.0+ - /me/friends returns empty, or only friends who also use my application

I am trying to get my friend name and ids with Graph API v2.0, but data returns empty: { "data": [ ] } When I was using v1.0, everything was OK with the following request: FBRequest* ...
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  • 3,737
355 votes
27 answers

FB OpenGraph og:image not pulling images (possibly https?)

Facebook cannot grasp my og:image files and I have tried every usual solution. I'm beginning to think it might have something to do with https://... I have checked http://developers.facebook.com/...
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  • 5,462
306 votes
29 answers

Facebook OAuth "The domain of this URL isn't included in the app's domain"

Let me first start with saying I've searched for an answer to this question for quite some time... I'm trying to setup Facebook OAuth to work with my application that is being developed locally on my ...
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  • 6,758
285 votes
25 answers

Android Facebook style slide

The new Facebook application and its navigation is so cool. I was just trying to see how it can be emulated in my application. Anyone has a clue how it can be achieved? On clicking the the top left ...
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  • 52.2k
260 votes
14 answers

Facebook API - How do I get a Facebook user's profile image through the Facebook API (without requiring the user to "Allow" the application)

I'm working on a CMS that fetches a user's profile image from their Facebook URL (that is, http://facebook.com/users_unique_url). How can I accomplish this? Is there a Faceboook API call that fetches ...
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251 votes
15 answers

How to access custom attributes from event object in React?

React is able to render custom attributes as described at http://facebook.github.io/react/docs/jsx-gotchas.html: If you want to use a custom attribute, you should prefix it with data-. <...
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241 votes
36 answers

Key hash for Android-Facebook app

I'm working on an Android app, in which I want to integrate a Facebook posting feature. I downloaded the Facebook-Android SDK, and I got the readme.md (text file) in there, in which it is mentioned to ...
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  • 2,411
238 votes
22 answers

How can I find and run the keytool

I am reading an development guide of Facebook Developers at here It says that I must use keytool to export the signature for my app such as: keytool -exportcert -alias androiddebugkey -keystore ~/....
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230 votes
31 answers

How to create Android Facebook Key Hash?

I do not understand this process at all. I have been able to navigate to the folder containing the keytool in the Java SDK. Although I keep getting the error openssl not recognised as an internal or ...
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229 votes
3 answers

What APIs are used to draw over other apps (like Facebook's Chat Heads)?

How does Facebook create the Chat Heads on Android? What is the API to create the floating views on top of all other views?
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226 votes
26 answers

Android Facebook integration with invalid key hash

In one of my apps I need to get data from Facebook... I am doing this: I have created app ID. It logs in successfully, but after logging out, I log in, and then it gives me: What is wrong I am doing?...
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211 votes
18 answers

facebook: permanent Page Access Token?

I work on a project that has facebook pages as one of its data sources. It imports some data from it periodically with no GUI involved. Then we use a web app to show the data we already have. Not all ...
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  • 5,301
211 votes
10 answers

The calling thread must be STA, because many UI components require this

I am using http://www.codeproject.com/KB/IP/Facebook_API.aspx I am trying to call the XAML which is created using WPF. But it gives me an error: The calling thread must be STA, because many UI ...
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  • 5,809
205 votes
11 answers

How to segue programmatically in iOS using Swift

I'm creating an app that uses the Facebook SDK to authenticate users. I'm trying to consolidate the facebook logic in a separate class. Here is the code (stripped for simplicity): import Foundation ...
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204 votes
5 answers

What does a Ajax call response like 'for (;;); { json data }' mean? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why do people put code like “throw 1; <dont be evil>” and “for(;;);” in front of json responses? I found this kind of syntax being used on ...
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203 votes
27 answers

React-Native: Application has not been registered error

I am currently going through the React-Native tutorials. I began with the Getting Started tutorial, where I made a new react native project and successfully managed to run the project on my device. I ...
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  • 2,291
201 votes
11 answers

How to Test Facebook Connect Locally

I use ASP .NET and Facebook Connect APIs. but when I run the app and press Connect button it's return to the Website not to the test local server which is (http://localhost:xxxx/test.aspx) So how I ...
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  • 2,011
182 votes
20 answers

Facebook development in localhost

Just wanted to know if there is any way I could develop Facebook applications in localhost.
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  • 6,744
177 votes
3 answers

Facebook Architecture [closed]

I have been scrounging for articles/info about the architecture at Facebook, the challenges & ways they tackle them. What they use & why they use. How do they scale & what are the design ...
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176 votes
22 answers

Facebook Open Graph not clearing cache

I'm having troubles with my meta tags with Open Graph. It seems as though Facebook is caching old values of my meta tags. Old values for Attributes og:title and og:url are still used, even though I ...
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  • 4,620
173 votes
4 answers

How can I set a website image that will show as preview on Facebook?

When you share a link on facebook it will automatically find images on the website and randomly picks one as a preview. How can you influence the preview image? When a person shares the website link ...
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172 votes
4 answers

What is the attribute property="og:title" inside meta tag?

I have this extract of website source code: <meta content="This is a basic text" property="og:title" /> What does this property attribute stand for, and what is its purpose?
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170 votes
3 answers

String to Dictionary in Python

So I've spent way to much time on this, and it seems to me like it should be a simple fix. I'm trying to use Facebook's Authentication to register users on my site, and I'm trying to do it server side....
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  • 5,064
169 votes
30 answers

Open Facebook page from Android app?

from my Android app, I would like to open a link to a Facebook profile in the official Facebook app (if the app is installed, of course). For iPhone, there exists the fb:// URL scheme, but trying the ...
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160 votes
11 answers

Facebook share link without JavaScript

The following link is for sharing a page on Twitter: http://twitter.com/share Is there a similar option for Facebook that doesn't require JavaScript? I know about http://facebook.com/sharer.php, ...
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156 votes
3 answers

How to get a JSON string from URL?

I'm switching my code form XML to JSON. But I can't find how to get a JSON string from a given URL. The URL is something like this: "https://api.facebook.com/method/fql.query?query=.....&...
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  • 8,519
154 votes
6 answers

Where does one set the Oauth Redirect URI for Facebook apps?

We are being asked to set the OAuth redirect URI for Facebook (as shown below) in the instructions to set up Google Firebase to use Facebook login. We clicked in every menu for our app. Where is it? ...
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  • 5,444
147 votes
16 answers

Facebook login message: "URL Blocked: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not whitelisted in the app’s Client OAuth Settings."

Important notice: If you register for testing, go to your profile settings and to your interests add delete profile. Trying to login with Facebook to my website: I get the following error: URL ...
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141 votes
21 answers

Safari 3rd party cookie iframe trick no longer working?

So this is the umteenth revenge of the "how do I get 3rd party cookies to work in Safari" question but I'm asking again because I think the playing field has changed, perhaps after February 2012. One ...
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  • 1,431
140 votes
12 answers

Facebook database design?

I have always wondered how Facebook designed the friend <-> user relation. I figure the user table is something like this: user_email PK user_id PK password I figure the table with user's data (...
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  • 11.8k
138 votes
11 answers

App not setup: This app is still in development mode

I have followed the instructions here: The developers of this app have not set up this app properly for Facebook Login? Made my app public and the circle is green so the app is public. But when I try ...
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  • 1,391
136 votes
12 answers

How to get share counts using graph API

I can get the share count of an URL using PHP SDK and using the deprecated rest API, but didn't find a way to get the share counts of an URL using graph API. Is there any way to find out?
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135 votes
3 answers

In Flux architecture, how do you manage Store lifecycle?

I'm reading about Flux but the example Todo app is too simplistic for me to understand some key points. Imagine a single-page app like Facebook that has user profile pages. On each user profile page, ...
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135 votes
7 answers

How do popular apps authenticate user requests from their mobile app to their server?

Say I have an Android application that connects to a .Net API for receiving/setting data. The confusion that I have is regarding how to sign-up/login the user first time and authenticate it every time ...
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134 votes
12 answers

Unable to add window -- token android.os.BinderProxy is not valid; is your activity running?

I try to connect to Facebook throught Facebook API, I follow this example: https://github.com/facebook/facebook-android-sdk/tree/master/examples/simple Everything is ok, but when I try to edit some ...
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  • 1,953
132 votes
5 answers

Open Graph namespace declaration: HTML with XMLNS or head prefix?

I have seen conflicting information on how to best implement Open Graph namespaces. Specifically, the Open Graph website uses a few different methods, and the Facebook Open Graph examples use other ...
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  • 4,985
130 votes
16 answers

Get user profile picture by Id

I'm now working on a web application which is mostly based of facebook graph api. I hold some data about users - actually , the possible public data available - such as name and id. I also know that a ...
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129 votes
9 answers

Facebook API "This app is in development mode"

What does "development mode" mean for a facebook app? I find no exact explanation of what I can and can't do while in development mode and what's the relation with the "Not available to all users ...
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  • 3,712
129 votes
5 answers

"Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL..." error being continuously generated in Chrome webkit inspector

Chrome (or any other webkit browser) throws a ton of these "Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL..." when working with the Facebook API for example. It doesn't interfere with actual ...
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  • 6,704
126 votes
7 answers

How to verify Facebook access token?

There's only thing that server has to do; just check any access token's validity. Clients send to the server user id and access token obtained by FB.getLoginStatus. As I expected, there would be any ...
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  • 1,271
126 votes
13 answers

Do Facebook Oauth 2.0 Access Tokens Expire?

I am playing around with the Oauth 2.0 authorization in Facebook and was wondering if the access tokens Facebook passes out ever expire. If so, is there a way to request a long-life access token?
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  • 1,949
123 votes
21 answers

Facebook Android Generate Key Hash

Trying to create an android app with Facebook integration, I've gotten to the part in the docs where you have to generate a key hash file, it specifies to run the following code keytool -exportcert -...
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  • 2,859
122 votes
3 answers

Facebook Access Token for Pages

I have a Facebook Page that I want to get some things from it. First thing are feeds and from what I read they are public (no need for access_token). But I want to also get the events... and they aren'...
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