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Questions tagged [fisher-yates-shuffle]

The Fisher–Yates shuffle is an algorithm for generating a random permutation of a finite sequence. Use this tag for questions about this algorithm and it's implementation.

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Fisher Yates model [duplicate]

How does Fisher Yates model works in Javascript? enter image description here I was trying to understand Fisher Yates model but somehow I couldn't get properly and I have this confusion about the loop ...
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Fisher-Yates shuffle: Who is right, .NET 8 or Wikipedia?

Was looking for shuffling an array from within Unity, remembered that .NET 8 has Random.Shuffle. It turns out that the implementation is the Fisher-Yates algorithm. But when looking at it and at ...
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How to shuffle an array of items

In the following example an array of numbers is shuffled each time the document is refreshed. How do I apply the same function that shuffles the numbers to shuffle the blocks of color? const ...
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Write a function to shuffle a given list. Make sure that all permutations are equally probable

Whilst reading Programming in Lua book, I came across an exercise which I'm not sure if I solved right, hence I wanted to ask you all. Problem statement: Exercise 6.4: Write a function to shuffle a ...
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How to shuffle array of items but allow weights to influence the order

I'm trying to write a TypeScript function to shuffle an array. By default, I want the shuffle order to be random (but subject to a seed). (I already have access to this function: function random(seed: ...
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A shuffling algorithm that limits the number of consecutive repetitions?

I want a string shuffling algorithm that takes the following arguments: void CRLimitedShuffle(char* Str, uint8_t MaxConsecutiveRepetition); The function should perform a random shuffle on the input ...
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array randomization accuracy of the decision tree vs fisher yates shuffle algorithm

now I want to know about the accuracy of the randomization of the decision tree and fisher yates algorithms. if the two algorithms are compared how do i find out? I tried to find references about the ...
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Can someone help explain the Fisher Yates Array Shuffle

So I am trying to get an understanding for array shuffling. I came across this article: But I am confused. function shuffle(array) { var m = array.length, t, i; ...
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How to shuffle an array that has duplicate elements in C, such that the duplicates are separated by a spacing of 2? I am using the FisherYates Shuffle

#include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <time.h> int main(void){ int num[] = {1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3}; // Given array which has to be shuffled int ...
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I need to convert list in java into java array with while loop [duplicate]

I get the question about choosing a random word from user input using Knuth's shuffling algorithm, but the problem is I have the constraint of using some specific libraries. (here is the link for more ...
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How can I update state in a component when the same state is passed as props in another component?

(component A is Home.jsx, component B is ChartSongs.jsx and component C is AudioPlayer.jsx)....... In component A I have an array of songs,then I passed it as props to component B {/*The array*/} ...
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Math.random() unsatisfactory

Let be a list containing the 26 letters of the alphabet from A to Z. We mix the list with the Fisher-Yates algorithm (see We are interested ...
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Lua shuffle with repeating cycle

Having some Lua trouble with a a modification of Fisher-Yates shuffle in place. For example, let's say I have a 16 item table (sequence). I want to shuffle integers 1-4 then apply the shuffled pattern ...
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Is Collections.shuffle(list); Fisher Yates Algorithm?

List<TriviaQuestion> list; Collections.shuffle(list); is Collections.shuffle(list); can it be called Fisher Yates? for (int i = n-1; i > 0; i--) { int j = r.nextInt(i+1); ...
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Error while implementing Yates Shuffle for chars

I'm having an array of characters, which I tried to mix using Yates Shuffle, However this resulted in an error Code: public static void main(String[] args) { char[] alphabet = "...
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How to randomize/shuffle two arrays in the same way in c#

I have two arrays one is a PictureBox array and the other is an Integer array both have the same number of elements. I want both arrays to be shuffled randomly each time but both shuffled the same way....
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Unbiased Shuffling with Large Number of Duplicates

The Fisher–Yates algorithm generates unbiased random permutations of a finite sequence. The running time is proportional to the number elements being shuffled. I want to shuffle a few non-zero ...
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What is the principle of randomly selecting positions to swap in the shuffle function

Fisher–Yates shuffle means that we take the last number from the selected segment every time and swap it with the previously randomly selected number, iterate continuously, and finally achieve random ...
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how can I implement a 5 card reverse Fisher–Yates_shuffle in C?

I'm using this as a guide but I think something is wrong with my implementation. -- To shuffle an array a of n elements (...
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How to save the old state of an array before shuffling

I have an array of 50 objects as elements. Each object contains an array of 4 elements: var all = [{ question: "question 1 goes here", options: ["A", "B", "C&...
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Unbiased random Array shuffle

When I want to shuffle an array of numbers in an array "perm" from [1...n], I wrote in Java: int[] perm = new int[n]; for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) { perm[i] = i; } for (int i = 0; i &...
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Shuffling an array using random-choice method instead of using Fisher-Yates

I am stuck with an apparently simple problem. I have written a subroutine that accepts an array of length n and another number m as inputs, and then outputs an array with size m which contains ...
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Why am I losing a node when shuffling a linked list?

I have been working on a project. Part of the project needs a shuffled linked list. This function is an implementation of the fisher-yates shuffling algorithm. It puts the linked list into an array. ...
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How to shuffle an array while grouping equal values together?

Let say I have an array like this. int[] arr = {1,2,3,4,4,5,6,7,8,8,8,1}; How do I shuffle it, but have all equal values beside each other? Sample expected output after shuffle: 3,1,1,8,8,8,7,2,4,4,6,...
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Replace commas with spaces ? Fisher-Yates randomization

Thanks to @axtck for the help for the Fisher Yates randomization, he helped me to change number into words here : Since the shuffle functions shuffle the arrays indexes, you can just shuffle the array ...
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Bug in .Net's `Random` class?

I was looking at a question that was talking about a bad implementation of the Fisher-Yates shuffling algorithm and I was perplexed that there was a bias when implemented incorrectly. The two ...
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Replace numbers with words? Fisher-Yates randomization

I found very interesting stuff about Fisher-Yates and randomization here: How to randomize (shuffle) a JavaScript array? Content! //function source code from
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How to write a prioritized left-shuffle algorithm in O(n)?

There are shuffle algorithms like FisherYates. They take an array and return one with elements in random order. This runs in O(n). What I'm trying to do is to implement a prioritized left-shuffle ...
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Alter Fisher-Yates shuffle so that a value never ends up in the same place it started

I have an array of objects, a sample of which looks like this: var allWorm = [ { "name": "Null", "power": "Create an artificial ...
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Fisher yates algorithm is not yielding unbiased results

Fisher yates algorithm as described on wikipedia is The algorithm produces an unbiased permutation: every permutation is equally likely. I went through some articles that explains how a naive and ...
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Fisher Yates Adding Duplicates

I'm trying to shuffle 6 T's and 6 A's and loop until the end of the array is reached. However, I keep getting uneven amounts of T's and A's displayed as I am looping. I'm new to javascript and not ...
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What are the applications of Knuth/Fisher-yates algorithm

This algorithm guarantees to rearrange the elements in uniformly random order. What does uniformly random mean ?
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Lua: How do I shuffle certain elements in an Array?

If I have a table of 5 strings but I only want to shuffle the second, third, and fourth, how would I go about it? Question = {“question here”,”resp1”,”resp2”,”resp3”,”answer”} And I only want to ...
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How do I shuffle an array in TypeScript with the Fisher-Yates Shuffle?

I'm trying to code a quiz with TypeScript. The questions that are asked should be picked randomly and I'm using the Fisher-Yates Shuffle to do that – but it won't shuffle them. What am I doing wrong? ...
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Fisher-Yates shuffling

I am writing to ask what is the difference between using a Fisher-Yates shuffling algorithm to shuffle a dataset compared to using np.random.permutation just like in the following code snippet: X....
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Fisher-Yates Algorithm Explanation?

I'm wondering if some of you understand how the Fisher-Yates shuffle works and can explain it to me. so I found this Fisher-Yates Shuffle code online: public function Main() { var tempArray:Array = [ ...
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A variant of Knuth shuffle

This is a very hard but interesting probability question related to Knuth/Fisher-Yates shuffle. When looping for each element, the swap is performed for the current element with any random element ...
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Fisher Yates variation

The classic Fisher Yates looks something like this: void shuffle1(std::vector<int>& vec) { int n = vec.size(); for (int i = n - 1; i > 0; --i) { std::swap(vec[i], vec[...
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