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Flask is a lightweight framework for developing web applications using Python.

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How to serve static files in Flask

So this is embarrassing. I've got an application that I threw together in Flask and for now it is just serving up a single static HTML page with some links to CSS and JS. And I can't find where in the ...
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Get the data received in a Flask request

I want to be able to get the data sent to my Flask app. I've tried accessing but it is an empty string. How do you access request data? from flask import request @app.route('/', methods=...
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Are global variables thread-safe in Flask? How do I share data between requests?

In my application, the state of a common object is changed by making requests, and the response depends on the state. class SomeObj(): def __init__(self, param): self.param = param def ...
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Sending data from HTML form to a Python script in Flask

I have the code below in my Python script: def cmd_wui(argv, path_to_tx): """Run a web UI.""" from flask import Flask, flash, jsonify, render_template, request import webbrowser app = ...
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Configure Flask dev server to be visible across the network

I'm not sure if this is Flask specific, but when I run an app in dev mode (http://localhost:5000), I cannot access it from other machines on the network (with http://[dev-host-ip]:5000). With Rails in ...
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Return JSON response from Flask view

I have a function that analyzes a CSV file with Pandas and produces a dict with summary information. I want to return the results as a response from a Flask view. How do I return a JSON response? @...
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How to get POSTed JSON in Flask?

I'm trying to build a simple API using Flask, in which I now want to read some POSTed JSON. I do the POST with the Postman Chrome extension, and the JSON I POST is simply {"text":"lalala"}. I try to ...
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Are a WSGI server and HTTP server required to serve a Flask app?

Setting up Flask with uWSGI and Nginx can be difficult. I tried following this DigitalOcean tutorial and still had trouble. Even with buildout scripts it takes time, and I need to write instructions ...
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Deploying a minimal flask app in docker - server connection issues

I have an app whose only dependency is flask, which runs fine outside docker and binds to the default port 5000. Here is the full source: from flask import Flask app = Flask(__name__) app.debug = ...
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Passing HTML to template using Flask/Jinja2

I'm building an admin for Flask and SQLAlchemy, and I want to pass the HTML for the different inputs to my view using render_template. The templating framework seems to escape the HTML automatically, ...
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Link to Flask static files with url_for

How do you use url_for in Flask to reference a file in a folder? For example, I have some static files in the static folder, some of which may be in subfolders such as static/bootstrap. When I try ...
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Store large data or a service connection per Flask session

I'm writing a small Flask application and am having it connect to Rserve using pyRserve. I want every session to initiate and then maintain its own Rserve connection. Something like this: session['...
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Flask raises TemplateNotFound error even though template file exists

I am trying to render the file home.html. The file exists in my project, but I keep getting jinja2.exceptions.TemplateNotFound: home.html when I try to render it. Why can't Flask find my template? ...
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How to pass a variable between Flask pages?

Suppose I have following case; @app.route('/a', methods=['GET']) def a(): a = numpy.ones([10,10]) ... return render_template(...) # this rendered page has a link to /b @app.route('/b', methods=...
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JavaScript raises SyntaxError with data rendered in Jinja template

I am trying to pass data as JSON from a Flask route to a Jinja template rendering JavaScript. I want to iterate over the data using JavaScript. The browser shows SyntaxError: Unexpected token '&'...
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Flask view return error "View function did not return a response"

I have a view that calls a function to get the response. However, it gives the error View function did not return a response. How do I fix this? from flask import Flask app = Flask(__name__) def ...
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Flask view raises TypeError: 'bool' object is not callable

I am trying to debug a view in my Flask app that is return a 500 status with the error TypeError: 'bool' object is not callable in the traceback. The view calls login_user from Flask-Login then ...
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Why does running the Flask dev server run itself twice?

I'm using Flask for developing a website and while in development I run flask using the following file: #!/usr/bin/env python from datetime import datetime from app import app import config if ...
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Reference template variable within Jinja expression

I have a route defined like this: @app.route('/magic/<filename>') def moremagic(filename): pass And now in a template I want to call that route using url_for() like so: <h1>you ...
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How to debug a Flask app

How are you meant to debug errors in Flask? Print to the console? Flash messages to the page? Or is there a more powerful option available to figure out what's happening when something goes wrong?
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Refering to a directory in a Flask app doesn't work unless the path is absolute

I downloaded nltk data into the data directory in my Flask app. The views reside in a blueprint in another directory on the same level as the data directory. In the view I'm trying to set the path to ...
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Display data streamed from a Flask view as it updates

I have a view that generates data and streams it in real time. I can't figure out how to send this data to a variable that I can use in my HTML template. My current solution just outputs the data to ...
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Add a prefix to all Flask routes

I have a prefix that I want to add to every route. Right now I add a constant to the route at every definition. Is there a way to do this automatically? PREFIX = "/abc/123" @app.route(PREFIX + "/")...
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Get a variable from the URL in a Flask route

I have a number of URLs that start with landingpage and end with a unique id. I need to be able to get the id from the URL, so that I can pass some data from another system to my Flask app. How can ...
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How to run a flask application?

I want to know the correct way to start a flask application. The docs show two different commands: $ flask -a sample run and $ python3.4 produce the same result and run the application ...
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Post values from an HTML form and access them in a Flask view

I have an HTML form that gets posted to a Flask route. However, request.form is empty. If I try to access one of the values by id, I get a 400 error. How do I post values from an HTML form and ...
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How can I pass data from Flask to JavaScript in a template?

My app makes a call to an API that returns a dictionary. I want to pass information from this dict to JavaScript in the view. I am using the Google Maps API in the JS, specifically, so I'd like to ...
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How can I get the named parameters from a URL using Flask?

When the user accesses this URL running on my flask app, I want the web service to be able to handle the parameters specified after the question mark:
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How to execute raw SQL in Flask-SQLAlchemy app

How do you execute raw SQL in SQLAlchemy? I have a python web app that runs on flask and interfaces to the database through SQLAlchemy. I need a way to run the raw SQL. The query involves multiple ...
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How to enable CORS in flask

I am trying to make a cross origin request using jquery but it keeps being reject with the message XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://... No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the ...
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How do you access the query string in Flask routes?

How do you access query parameters or the query string in Flask routes? It's not obvious from the Flask documentation. The example route /data below illustrates the context that I would like to access ...
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Get IP address of visitors using Flask for Python

I'm making a website where users can log on and download files, using the Flask micro-framework (based on Werkzeug) which uses Python (2.6 in my case). I need to get the IP address of users when they ...
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Create dynamic URLs in Flask with url_for()

Half of my Flask routes requires a variable say, /<variable>/add or /<variable>/remove. How do I create links to those locations? url_for() takes one argument for the function to route to ...
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Is it possible to use AngularJS with the Jinja2 template engine?

I have a Flask site and I want to use the AngularJS JavaScript framework. Unfortunately, it seems as if the delimiters overlap. How do I use Angular with Jinja2 if both rely on double curly braces ...
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Testing code that requires a Flask app or request context

I am getting working outside of request context when trying to access session in a test. How can I set up a context when I'm testing something that requires one? import unittest from flask import ...
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json.dumps vs flask.jsonify

I am not sure I understand the purpose of the flask.jsonify method. I try to make a JSON string from this: data = {"id": str(, "title": album.title} but what I get with json.dumps differs ...
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Read file data without saving it in Flask

I am writing my first flask application. I am dealing with file uploads, and basically what I want is to read the data/content of the uploaded file without saving it and then print it on the resulting ...
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jsonify a SQLAlchemy result set in Flask [duplicate]

I'm trying to jsonify a SQLAlchemy result set in Flask/Python. The Flask mailing list suggested the following method
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Redirecting to URL in Flask

I'm trying to do the equivalent of Response.redirect as in C# - i.e.: redirect to a specific URL - how do I go about this? Here is my code: import os from flask import Flask app = Flask(__name__) @...
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What is the cause of the Bad Request Error when submitting form in Flask application?

After reading many similar sounding problems and the relevant Flask docs, I cannot seem to figure out what is generating the following error upon submitting a form: 400 Bad Request The browser (or ...
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How to implement server push in Flask framework?

I am trying to build a small site with the server push functionality on Flask micro-web framework, but I did not know if there is a framework to work with directly. I used Juggernaut, but it seems ...
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Flask application traceback doesn't show up in server log

I'm running my Flask application with uWSGI and nginx. There's a 500 error, but the traceback doesn't appear in the browser or the logs. How do I log the traceback from Flask? uwsgi --http-socket ...
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Can I serve multiple clients using just Flask as standalone?

I know I can link Flask with Apache or other web servers. But, I was thinking of running Flask as a standalone server serving multiple clients simultaneously. Is this possible? Do I have to handle ...
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Flask at first run: Do not use the development server in a production environment

I installed the Flask plugin in PyCharm Community Edition and I just have this simple code in my flask app: from flask import Flask app = Flask(__name__) @app.route('/') def index(): return '<...
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TypeError: ObjectId('') is not JSON serializable

My response back from MongoDB after querying an aggregated function on document using Python, It returns valid response and i can print it but can not return it. Error: TypeError: ObjectId('...
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How can I add a background thread to flask?

I'm busy writing a small game server to try out flask. The game exposes an API via REST to users. It's easy for users to perform actions and query data, however I'd like to service the "game ...
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Flask to return image stored in database

My images are stored in a MongoDB, and I'd like to return them to the client, here is how the code is like: @app.route("/images/<int:pid>.jpg") def getImage(pid): # get image binary from ...
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Capture arbitrary path in Flask route

I have a simple Flask route that I want to capture a path to a file. If I use <path> in the rule, it works for /get_dir/one but not /get_dir/one/two. How can I capture an arbitrary path, so ...
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How do I get the different parts of a Flask request's url?

I want to detect if the request came from the localhost:5000 or host and what path was requested. How do I get this information about a Flask request?
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How to stop flask application without using ctrl-c

I want to implement a command which can stop flask application by using flask-script. I have searched the solution for a while. Because the framework doesn't provide app.stop() API, I am curious about ...
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