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Fortumo is a payment service provider for mobile carrier billing on Android.

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can not find fortumo "API KEYS" section

as fortumo documentations says: JWT based authentication Before using the JWT based authentication, you will need to add a public key under "API keys" section in your Fortumo Dashboard. Refer ...
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Fortumo Web SDK processing

I am setting up Fortumo Web SDK payment for my website, I am putting the url in "To which URL will your payment requests be forwarded to?" I am using some DB related code here so that it would ...
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Fortumo reciept verificaton

Can anyone help to configure this its doing my nut in now. This will be useful: I have the secret key and the widget set up i just need ...
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Fortumo service not working in sandbox mode

I made Fortumo service and started to test it (in sandbox mode). In "Edit" tab I entered "To which URL will your payment req be forwarded to?": When I go to "Test" tab and ...
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How to use fortumo getNonConsumablePaymentStatus for android

Anyone has using fortumo for android-eclipse before? I already read and follow the fortumo guildline for android but it seem it lack more detail information I stuck at getNonConsumablePaymentStatus(...
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Widget Fallback is disabled while in sandbox mode (Fortumo)

I am using fortumo for Android. In AVD fortumo is working fine with the application, but when I debug it on my mobile device. It give me "Widget Fallback is disabled while in sandbox mode" I ...
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Fortumo installation: error "Requested service was not found"

Does anyone have experience with insatlling Fortumo mobile payment? I have included all of code in my front-end and all I get is lightbox with error message that "Requested service was not found". ...
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fortumo android - MpUtils enablePaymentBroadcast error

I am using fortumo solution for payment, in an android application 2.1 (I tried also with android 3.0). I followed the user guid by creating the payment in the manifest.xml permission and enabling it ...
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How to integrate fortumo In-App purchase plugin to Corona Sdk game?

I am trying to integrate the fortumo In-App purchase plugin to my game I am currently following the documentation on there home page but i don't get it.
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Fortumo In-App payment for Android

I'm trying to create a application, where you can buy In-App credits with the Fortumo service. I've managed to get the makePayment(); method working so I can make a payment and everything ...
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Alternative in-app-purchase methods for Android

I want to use an alternative way for in-app purchases in my Android application such as Fortumo or PayPal libraries. Don't they violate Android Developers Terms of Services? Or will it cause the ...
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Fortumo get billing status android go to main activity

I need help regarding Fortumo. I have 2 classes: Pay.class and Main.class. When I open the application, it runs the Pay.class to complete the payment via Fortumo. After successful payment, it ...
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Android app crash with fortumo in-app payments

The app code is package com.musicdownloader; import; import com.musicdownloader.R; import android.content.Intent; import; import android.os....
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