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How to build a Line chart on g2plot so that the series are built from numeric fields

guys! I'm woking with library using full api of ( The data looks like an array of ...
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How can I make this same graph ant g2 plot

I'm trying to implement this same graph, I almost have it but I can't put the titles that are in gray, for each category to each subgroup, do you know how to do it? that's how I have it so far I am ...
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antd charts: remove truncation of text in legend

I'd like to achieve something fairly simple inside an antd chart. Antd is truncation legend items and is adding "...". I want to remove that truncation and instead display the whole label. I ...
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Data wrong display using @antv/g2plot.js version 2+

I have been trying to use G2plot ( for a basic line graph. I made some tests a while ago with the 1.28 version and it was working fine. I removed some config that became ...
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Ant design charts Space between points proportional to x-axis values

How can I realise space between points proportional to x-axis values with @ant-design/charts. CodeSandbox:
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G2Plot with nextjs. Stacked graph not working

I want to create an stacked graph using G2plot. Because of this I have to create 2 files one for the component. Another for the page that will call component using dynamic I import React, { ...
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React enzyme jest test cases are failing with antv g2plot

I'm using the React Enzyme Jest module to test my React app which contains the antv/g2plot module for charts. While I am using the module, the test case isn't running but after removing it, it's ...
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Synchronise 2 charts interactions with g2plot

I'm using G2plot ( and I want to synchronise my 2 charts when I have a hover on one chart ? For compare as a benchmark. I want keep the same the hover effect (the ...
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G2Plot AntV library. Customize a Bullet Chart tooltip (display names instead of indices)

Is it possible to customize a tooltip of a Bullet Chart to display names instead of indices?
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G2Plot chart stack wrong column

EDIT: add a snippet, code below: <div id="app"></div> <script src=""></script> <script> const plot = new G2Plot....
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Having issues while converting one piece code of code to jsx

I am new to react. So please pardon my naiveness. I have the following piece of react code: import { Line } from '@antv/g2plot'; const data = [ { year: '1991', value: 3 }, { year: '1992', value: ...
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