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An alternative to the git-submodule command. Merges and splits subtrees from your project into subprojects and back. git-subtree has been merged into mainline git as of 1.7.11.

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How to fix git subtree rev-parse split issue

I am using SourceTree to interact with branches. Also, my git knowledge is extremely limited I have a NAV-482 branch (/nav.git repository). Subtree branch is NAV-482-DLL (/nav.dll.git repository). ...
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How to Auto-Resolve Git Subtree Conflicts with Three-Way Merge Strategy?

Hello Stack Overflow community, I'm currently dealing with a scenario involving Git subtrees and conflicts. Here's a breakdown of my situation: I have a repository A that includes repositories B and C ...
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Git Interactive Rebase to Split Commit With Subtree

I have the following git history: | Merge (HEAD) |\ SubTree Add (Squashed) | ** Git Commit I need to Split Into Two Commits ** | Git Commit 1 I am trying to clean up my git history a bit ...
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Including git subtree with git cherry-pick, but the squash commit operates in the root directory

I am trying to include git subtrees as a subproject in different branches in my project. The git subtrees consist of two commits: a merge commit and a squash commit. The merge commit has the ...
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Complex repository dependencies in C without waste of disk space

Assume that I have 4 git repositories with C files. The base repository pair, on which the others depend, declares a type. pair.h: typedef struct { int a; int b; } PAIR; Two other ...
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Merge two Git repositories without breaking file history AND resolve conflicts

I need to combine two Git repositories into a third, new repository. Each original repository should be placed in a separate subfolder within the new repository. For instance, if I have repositories A ...
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Periodically pull a specific folder from one git repository to another

I have a large git repo R1 ~30GB in size that has a large folder F1 roughly ~15GB in size. I cannot modify this repo since the repository has a high frequency R/W operations all the time. I want to ...
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How to solve git subtree invalid path

I am trying to migrate to a monorepo keeping the history, after some research, looks like the ideal tool is git subtree. I think I misunderstood something about git subtree, I hope any of you could ...
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Git subtree issue when using multiple subtrees

I have a single mono repo that is being split to be 3 separate repos: Repo A: Feature one Repo B: Feature two Repo C: Dev repo that contains A and B as subtrees The overall goal is to be able to ...
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How to manage dependencies in a shared git subtree?

Lets say I have four git repos named A,B,C, & D A,B, & C (customer repos): Each repo contains a Django project for customers 1, 2, & 3 respectively Each customer exists in an air gapped ...
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how can i fix import error for git subtree

I'm currently researching subtree-related issues I added the B repository as a subtree to the A repository by creating a folder named B However, when importing modules from the subtree, I encounter ...
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Git subtree repository split provides incomplete revision history

Background I'm attempting to split a big, disorganized catchall repository into several smaller repositories. As I understand it, `subtree` does exactly this. However, the `subtree split --prefix=...
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git subtree while keeping history

I have multiple git repositories that I want to combine under one single git repository while keeping all of their commit histories, but do that gradually so I can still pull changes before completely ...
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Tell git subtree to use destination path for squashed commits

When you add a subrepo using git subtree add --prefix third_party/libfoo upstream_libfoo master --squash it will: Create a new root commit containing the contents master from the libfoo repo. Create ...
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Best way to mirror resources from a separate Git repo, inside another repo with no need to commit or push?

So there is three ways to do this and I'm looking for the best fit for my current situation. Here is a good write up about the differences:
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Splitting Repo into submodules or subtrees

I have tried a few things and have found the right solution yet. What I have in a single git repo. Original Repo: AuthApi ClientApi AnotherApi Data DataService What I think I need for build ...
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nested but communicating git repositories

let upper, left, and right be directories as in the following diagram. upper ├── left └── right question how do i best manage these with git as local git repositories such that each upper, left and ...
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Nested folder structure with multiple git repos: submodules, subtrees or .gitignore?

I have set up a set of large Repositories (interlinked HTML-Documentation) and have these requirements: since they are large, i needed to split them up into multiple Repos Repos need to be checked ...
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Git - assertion failed on push to subtree repository

My situation is simple - I have a parent repository with a subtree nested in a subdirectory. Originally, these were two separate repos (i.e. I did not use the subtree split tool). I created the ...
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Different git submodules on different Folders on the same git repository

I'll explain the mission. I have a core git repository with my main software. I have to use this software for different clients for which I have to specialize. My goal is to have as many folders ...
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Confused about what Visual Studio 2022 is doing with Git Subtree

Currently using Visual Studio 2022 17.4.4. I have a Git repo that contains a subtree folder. Within Visual Studio, the Git Changes window shows two repositories - one for the main repo and another ...
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Pushing one directory to a new repository

I have a repository of legacy code, and I'd like to push one directory to a new repo. So basically from repo A, I want to push /react_code to the root of repo B and keep history. Help is much ...
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How to clone only a specific folder when doing git subtree?

I'm trying to utilize git subtree to add another repo into my existing repo. Problem is I don't want all the files from the repo. I only want to clone the files within a specific folder. So for ...
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How to fetch changes from a forked repository which is a subtree

So I have an issue wherein I forked Repository A to create Repository B. Then I added Repository B into a subdirectory of Repository C via the subtree command as follows: git subtree add --prefix={...
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How to switch with git subtree to a different branch for one of the subtree projects

When I have a container project with bunch of git subtree directories, each tracking their respective main, how can I switch (and even create) a branch in one of the subtrees? The setup being: .\...
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How to use git subtree to create a new repo from a subdirectory

I have a git repository, and would like to use a subdirectory of it, to create a new repository. I would then like the new repository to be able to pull in changes from the parent repository ...
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Fixing a git subtree with a bad split

I have a git repo with a subtree that was set up years ago with a bad split commit that's throwing errors when I try to do a git subtree push. The error I get looks something like this: git push using:...
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Correct way to commit/push to subtree repo?

I'm writing code for the two side of a hardware connection. Each end has its own repo, and I have a third repo that contains the interface protocol. Then I place that Protocol repo as a subtree in the ...
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How to undo all local changes to subtree?

How do I undo all local changes to a subtree and replace everything with the remote commit? git subtree pull --prefix repo main --squash
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Why was `git-subtree` removed from the git-scm book?

When looking for documentation on git-subtree my search engine will show links to, however when I visit that link I'm redirected to What ...
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Git subtree split: how to save merges history?

I used git subtree split to split directory of my repository with this article: It worked good with standard commits but all merge ...
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Automatically push subtree changes to Azure repository

I am using Azure DevOps to work on two projects I'll name P1 and P2. P1 is a project containing some code I'd like to reuse in P2. I'd like to use subtrees in order to do that. P1 will be driving most ...
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git: merging commits from remote repository into subtree following renaming

So I've used git subtree strategy to incorporate a repository branch into another as a subdirectory. First I used git subtree add -P some/dir1 myremote dev. Then I renamed the subtree directory to ...
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You must provide <repository> <refspec> When trying to publish on gh-pages?

I want to publish my react-app to gh-pages but because my index.html file is located inside of react-app/public/index.html I can't publish to github pages because github searches for the index.html ...
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What is the technique/process for doing a temporary git checkout into another directory of the current checkout without messing up my current checkout

The scenario is that I'm in the middle of a task, in a feature branch, and then I've been asked to do a quick hot fix, or do some tests on another branch. And so, one approach is to close up my ...
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How do I auto push to subtree child repo from parents repo?

Is there any way to auto push from parents repo to child repo? e.g) if I revised contents in child repo's file, right now, I am doing to push both parents and subtree child ( git push origin parents &...
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Rebase into a subtree

The situation is that we have two repositories, parent and child. The parent repo has the child repo as a subtree: parent/ child/ After some time, the child repository has diverged from its ...
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Using Git subtree with turborepo

Looking for an opinion I am using turborepo for one of my Vue projects. Currently I have a situation at my organization. We have setup a monorepo(turborepo) for a client/server web application. and ...
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Unable to Access DB directory while implementing subtrees in a rails application

I have seperated the models and DB directory to a separate shared repository from the source application repository in order to use this shared repostory as a library/shared directory with other ...
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Bad behavior when merging into an empty Git repository

I'm following Github doc's subtree merges, and I noticed an odd and bad behavior. This is the code (numbered for reference): #1: git remote add -f <some_dir> <clone_url> #2: git merge -s ...
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git subtree to add the files directly under root folder

I want to add a source repo B into a target repo A directly under the parent folder 'application' of A by using: git subtree add --prefix=application <remote name of B> <branch name of B> ...
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Git submodules and superproject - do we need to do a push on the superproject when pushing to a submodule?

I am trying to reconfigure a project to use git submodules but not sure whether it is the most appropriate for what I need. For this project, there are 3 components: a bootloader, software for the ...
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Customize git subtree merge

I'm trying to merge a sub-repo into a main-repo in GIT. my sub-repo file explorer While doing the merge, I'm providing a specific folder for each of my sub-repo files & folders, for example my ...
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Share the remotes that are added locally to make working with git subtree a bit easier

Going through the tutorial here: On the surface it seems that subtrees are more work than submodules with multiple members on the team. For example, ...
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Rebase local commits on remote subtree update

I'm trying to build a monorepo that has subtrees to other projects I'm using. In these subtrees I want to make some customizations to fit my monorepo project. When changes occur on the remote (...
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git push specific files to another remote

I have a git repository containing several linked projects like |-- configs | |-- | `-- |-- datasets | |-- | |-- | `-- |-- models | |-- | `-- `-- ...
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Overly Complicated Git w/Mega-Project & Nested Repos

I'm working on a large project with many sub-components all related to one another and referencing each other. The directory structure looks something like this, with each bullet being a directory, ...
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How to have the .github workflows sharable or reusable

We have a repo that contains a bunch of workflows that we want to share amongst all of our dev repositories. github-common-workflows repository: workflows/build.yml workflows/test.yml Is there a ...
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Unable to add git subtree

I am trying to establish a git subtree in my project and for some reason I keep getting a message saying You must provide the --prefix option. I am making a Flutter project and the project repo (as ...
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Using git-subtree to merge multiple upstream patches

Let's say I have a monorepo where I added a subtree like this: > git subtree add --prefix vendor/odoo 15.0 --squash git fetch 15.0 ...
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