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Switch to a specified branch.

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Does git not highlight the branch name on which we are after we switch to a branch using its case insensitive name

Suppose I am on a branch named main in git and we can confirm it by git branch and git log commands. Screen shot of git bash. But as branch names are case-insensitive in git. So, when we switch to any ...
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Does git switch pull all the changes

When one does git switch branch. Does all the latest changes and files from the remote repository get copied to the local branch? Is it like a replica of remote is created on local and the local and ...
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git checkout commit with specific trailer

I have an orphan branch (let's call it output) which contains the documents generated by templates stored on my main branch. I would like to checkout the commit on output that correspond to a specific ...
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How to switch to the Nth previous unique branch in Git?

Lets say I have 3 branches in my repository: main, develop and feature. Now, suppose I have switched my working branch in the following order: from main, to develop, to feature, back to develop, and ...
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Git: Why I can still switch to a branch after deletion?

I have just noticed that I can still switch back to a branch after deleting it. Here is a particular example that I have: git switch master git branch -d AB-10/add_flights ... // deleting also the ...
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What does the dash mean in `git switch -`?

When doing checkout, I got this message: $ git checkout HEAD~2 Note: switching to 'HEAD~2'. You are in a 'detached HEAD' state. You can look around, make experimental changes and commit them, and you ...
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when there are unstaged changes in a branch or untracked files, in both cases while switching the branches, files get overwritten. How to avoid it? [duplicate]

These steps have been followed to generate the scenario: mkdir testrepo cd testrepo git init touch readme git add readme git commit -m "add readme" git switch -c newbranch touch 1 git switch ...
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Can I retrieve uncommited changes from git after a few known git commands?

I have a local git repo where I did some substantial editing to a file file1.txt. Then I issued a few git commands to look at older versions of this file (and other files). I totally had forgotten ...
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How to switch (or checkout) to a existing remote branch in Git without facing detached HEAD

At first when I clone the Git repository I am in the master branch. But I have already created a remote develop branch. I run git fetch origin develop. Then, I use git checkout develop and it ...
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What does git checkout still do after git switch got introduced?

As everyone knows, git checkout is a very overloaded command. And I do understand that certain commands got introduced to distribute, e.g. to git switch. Before I used the following commands: $ git ...
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What's the difference between 'git switch' and 'git checkout' <branch>?

Git 2.23 introduces a new command git switch. After reading the documentation, it seems pretty much the same as git checkout <branchname>. What is the difference or use case? Two new commands &...
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