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Gjallarhorn is a small, lightweight framework for managing mutable state when notifications are required.

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The function callable by command get calling twice

One of the smaller projects required functional I decided to update version of the Gjallarhorn.Bindable.Wpf library also. In fact, I just added an additional parameter where it was ...
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What is a good approach to show dialog window with Gjallarhorn?

There is a many question about several good approaches to show dialog window follow to MVVM. But I see Gjallarhorn looks different. I have to show couple dialogs, for example I have one action per ...
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A correct way to handle multiple command (from buttons) with Gjallarhorn

There are a couple of buttons on the window and I try to find good approach to handle commands. For example: I have to perform some actions: type Action = |Show |Open |Input |...
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FSC: error FS2024: Static linking may not use assembly that targets different profile with oxyplot example and FsXaml

I'm using oxyplot with fsxaml and gjallarhorn. It works when using it directly and binding to output from DataPoint(x,y). However when I try the following example from SimpleDemoFsharp: type ...
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