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how to use the gluestack-ui types

I am using the new components library called (gluestack-ui). I am using typescript and I want to use the "Box" component props types interface in my component. I can't find, is the interface ...
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How to Use React Recoil with Gluestack

I am learning to create an app with the Gluestack UI. I want to use Recoil for state management. However, at this time, I'm receiving the following error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of ...
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ReactNative how should this be written?

I try to build my first serious app in ReactNativ but it's my first time with it. I build some basic components but i'm not sure if it's properly written. I used Expo and GlueStackUI + Navigation. ...
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Typescript support for gluestack

Github Link I'm wrapping the main component (installed by the library) into another one (my custom component). So, after that, I realize that I have no more typesafe on my component... Having it said, ...
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