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Questions tagged [god-object]

God object is an object that knows too much or does too much. The god object is an example of an anti-pattern.

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<SomeThirdPartyClass>Util == God object?

I use Selenium Webdriver a lot, and there are a lot of "utility" methods I've written to make it easier for me to use. I put these classes in a WebDriverUtil class, and now that file is over 1,200 ...
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Validator class that validates by several simple criterias - is this God-object?

I have a Java class Validator. It validates some file. Here it is in pseudo code: public class Validator { Collection<ValidationMessage> validationMessages; class ValidationMessage { ...
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God object replacement

I now trying to get rid of god objects from my server code. At first of my server design, I decided to do World, and const containers objects as singleton. But my server is multithreaded, and ...
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Is there a pattern for propagating configuration state down an object graph?

I'm trying to avoid creating a monster class, and I noticed a not-so-good pattern and was curious if anyone had any insight into this problem. Problem A is complex. To avoid the "god object", some ...
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How to avoid this addition to our god object

Our web application allows users to upload files. We have two god objects in our web application: User object (3000+ lines) File object (3000+ lines) Common usage at the moment is: $file = File::...
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When to use nested controllers instead of services in angularjs?

I just started to use AngularJS, so I'm not an expert. I have a div that represent the right area of my html view. In that div I have a controller, i.e. <div class="rightContainer" ng-controller="...
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Get rid of god object of QMainWindow

I am making an application with three libraries ITK VTK and Qt. Since I want all functionality in the event loop and connection of signals and slots so I defined all functionality under QMainWindow ...
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1 vote
2 answers

God object or where to keep subsystems references

I have many subsystems of my game. They can use each other. Earlier I was initializing and storing subsystems references into static Game object instead of making singleton. Now I see that Game has ...
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how is game saving implemented so that the developer can avoid creating a god class/object?

Yesterday when I was playing a video game a question suddenly comes to me, how is game save mechanism implemented? Mostly, a save requires all data of the game. In this case, doesn't the programmer ...
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Is the Monolithic God object in Javascript a performance concern?

The way it is: I have recently joined a webapp project which maintains, as a matter of standard, one single globally-available (ie, itself a property of window) object which contains, as properties ...
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How do you refactor a God class?

Does anyone know the best way to refactor a God-object? Its not as simple as breaking it into a number of smaller classes, because there is a high method coupling. If I pull out one method, i usually ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Interface inheritance to breakup god objects?

I work on a fairly large product. It's been in development since .Net 1.0 was still a work-in-progress and so it has a lot of bad quality code and was not written with unit tests in mind. Now we're ...
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2D Game Development "God class" [closed]

I am developing a 2D game in C++ using SFML API, but I am having an issue with class design. I think that I am disobeying the SRP (Single Responsibility Principle) because I have one main class called ...
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3 answers

Fat models and skinny controllers sounds like creating God models

I've been reading a lot of blogs which advocate the fat models and skinny controllers approach, esp. the Rails camp. As a result the routers is basically just figuring out what method to call on what ...
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Categories or Partial Classes: Pattern to Resolve "God Object" Code Smell?

A class is too large and becomes unwieldy to work with. In Objective-C I'd be tempted to use Categories to break the class up, but then: wouldn't categories just be dividing a house full of too much ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Pulling dependencies out of "god" objects in a DI framework

I have a Servlet that has a lot of existing code. I'm trying to add dependency injection into one part of it. Currently I am doing it manually: public class AdjustBookPriceHandler extends ...
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What to do to prevent God Object?

I know that it is poor programming and architecture when you have a class object that is only to be used in one place. But I've also been warned about creating an object that is all powerful and that ...
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Is a class that manages multiple classes a "god object"?

Reading the wikipedia entry about God Objects, it says that a class is a god object when it knows too much or does too much. I see the logic behind this, but if it's true, then how do you couple ...
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6 votes
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I have a class with 14 static methods and 4 static properties - is that bad?

I have been writing a PHP class that is exactly 450 lines long and it contains 14 static methods and 4 static properties as well as 6 constants (and private __construct() and __clone()). I am ...
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How can I write a Controller without making it a God object?

In my app I have a Controller that's started by the main method. The controller initializes hooks, database connections, the UI, another connection, and other things. It holds most of the state of the ...
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MVVM and avoiding Monolithic God object

I am in the completion stage of a large project that has several large components: image acquisition, image processing, data storage, factory I/O (automation project) and several others. Each of ...
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2 answers

Designing a class in such a way that it doesn't become a "God object"

I'm designing an application that will allow me to draw some functions on a graphic. Each function will be drawn from a set of points that I will pass to this graphic class. There are different kinds ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How can I take advantage of IObservable/IObserver to get rid of my "god object"?

In a system I'm currently working on, I have many components which are defined as interfaces and base classes. Each part of the system has some specific points where they interact with other parts of ...
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8 votes
6 answers

God object - decrease coupling to a 'master' object

I have an object called Parameters that gets tossed from method to method down and up the call tree, across package boundaries. It has about fifty state variables. Each method might use one or two ...
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Which is more evil: an unnecessary singleton or a God Object?

Here's the situation: I've got a class that is doing too much. It's mainly for accessing configuration information, but it also has the database connection. It's implemented as a singleton, so this ...
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17 votes
4 answers

God Controllers - How to prevent them?

In a few MVC projects I've been working on, it has become apparent that there are a few problematic controllers that have organically grown into God classes - demi-gods each in their own domain, if ...
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Dealing with god objects

I work in a medium sized team and I run into these painfully large class files on a regular basis. My first tendency is to go at them with a knife, but that usually just makes matters worse and puts ...