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Questions tagged [google-address-validation-api]

The Address Validation API is a service that accepts an address, identifies the address components, and validates them.

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0 votes
0 answers

Why would "standardizedAddress" stop showing in responses from Google Address Validation

I've been using Google's new Address Validation API for quite a few months. This morning multiple customers have told me they're getting a response that "standardizedAddress" is not found. ...
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1 answer

Address Validation API - Use in South Africa

I tried using the demo first and then entered an address in Cape Town SA. Firstly the dropdown for choosing region does not cater for South Africa. The address would also not be validated when I ...
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-3 votes
1 answer

Google Maps / Validation Error for specific address

This is not a technical question. How do I go about getting Google to correct a validation error? This isn't a feature request and their bug reporting didn't read like that was the correct place ...
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1 answer

How to validate addresses in Google Sheets?

I'm trying to validate a list of addresses in a google sheet column, and create from it a well formatted new column(s). I came across the Google Maps Address validation API but I'm not sure how to use ...
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Google Address Validation API to Magento 2 Using Avalara Avatax

Has anyone else had a problem integrating Google's Address Validation API into Magento 2's Avalara Avatax? It's almost as if the API key is restricted. Although it's currently unrestricted. Our ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Google Apps Script call Address Validation API

Simple code and straightforward. It works with postman but fails with Apps Script. function validateAddress () { const url = ''; ...
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