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Questions tagged [google-apps-activity]

The Apps Activity API lets your app retrieve information about a user's Google Apps activity.

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0 answers

Shared drive activity not sending notification

The troubles with receiving notifications about changes being made on specified shared drive by users other than me. Steps: First i'm getting new startPageToken:
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1 answer

The API returns a 403 ACCESS_TOKEN_SCOPE_INSUFFICIENT eventhough I have the scopes enabled

I'm making a script which loads all the drive activity between two dates and puts them into an excel sheet. When trying to get the data it gives me the following response: { "error": { "...
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How to Create Google Drive Activity ConsolidationStrategy

Using Drive Activity Api, there's an option called consolidationstrategy. I think it should act like a filter/ where clause grouping activities that are related. I'd simply want to consolidate all ...
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No Drive Activity for Items with primaryActionDetail -> PERMANENT_DELETE

Drive Activity API no longer returns activity for permanently deleted items. Query json -> "ancestorName": "items/root" Returns items when they are trashed e.g. ...
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How do I filter out MIMETYPE in Google Drive Activity API

I'm working on a project that uses the Google API in Javascript. It uses the Google Drive Activity API (Not the Google Drive API!!!) I want to filter out all the folders from the results, is this ...
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I'd like to inquire about Google Drive ransomware related recovery

I was infected with ransomware while using Google Drive file stream. That changed all the extensions of the files I could access. I know how to connect to the Google Drive web and restore each file to ...
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6 answers

Unreachable Service - appsactivity

I have started receiving the message "Unreachable Service - appsactivity" today while executing my google apps script webapp. Anyone knows if there is an outage going on?
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1 vote
1 answer

Filter action events not accurate

Have there been any changes to Google Drive Activity Queries? Today I have noticed that filters don't work properly. To reply I upload a file to a drive folder and when I query the activity of that ...
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How to get the PDF export log by Presentation ID with Google Activity API

I'm beginner the Google Activity API but I have experience GAS or other API(SpreadSheet API, Presentation API ). I want to know the export time of PDF from Presentation ID. Is it possible by using ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How to get google UserID by email or GoogleDrive permissionId

Google Drive returns: user email permission Id Google Drive Activity API v2 returns Google UserID, example: personName: people/...
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1 answer

Google People API Returning 'The request is missing a valid API key.'

I've made no code changes all to the Google Sheets integration I have in my Chrome extension (internal use only in our company). Today, I'm getting a '403' error with the message "The request is ...
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0 votes
2 answers

trying to get to singleEvents in AppsActivity

I am trying to take the API documentation's example code for AppsActivity.Activities and extend it to singleEvents. The code snippet below is from the API docs and works as expected function ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Activity Page Token

I'm trying to keep track within the activities list, but the pageToken is really useless!! Just to test, I ran this (javascript) code: function Get(Url) { var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); ...
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2 answers

Google Apps Script to output in a google spreadsheet the number of emails sent by each user each week

I am trying to create an activity report for our team, which will need to include the number of emails sent by each team member. I am stuck trying to generate a script that returns the number of ...
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Ancestor query - missing events

Is there any reason, why activities queried by ancestorId does not return all activities for particular file? When I use fileId to query activities, I can see all singleEvents for given file. However, ...
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