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Google Cloud Powershell Test-GcsBucket killing process

Installed GCloud SDK components Google Cloud SDK 434.0.0 bq 2.0.93 core 2023.06.02 gke-gcloud-auth-plugin 0.5.3 gsutil 5.24 If I run the following: Test-GcsBucket -Name blahblah It immediately ...
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How to Enable virtual displays on GCP VMs with Powershell?

I am creating GCP VMs using a combination of the "New-GceInstanceConfig" and "Add-GceInstance", and it is working fine. However, I would like to add in the ability to turn on the ...
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Google Cloud SDK Powershell - commands open up a script file in text editor

I installed the Google-Cloud SDK using the install here and selecting the "install for all users" option and checking the box for the powershell tools. I now have a weird situation whereby if I run ...
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Cannot find path because it does not exist

PS D:\> cd gs:\ cd : Cannot find drive. A drive with the name 'gs' does not exist. PS D:\> Get-GcsBucket PS D:\> cd gs:\mybucket Why I can not change drive to gs:\ before Get-GcsBucket? PS ...
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Terminal command to start new google app engine project?

What is the command to create a new app engine project with skeleton files included? Since I can't use the launcher GUI on ubuntu, I've been successfully using through terminal.... ...
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PowerShell Tools can't download files from cloud storage, but gsutil works

Managed to get the PowerShell cmdlets installed and have been trying to download or list files in our bucket. I keep getting this message when I try any commands, as shown in the documentation. ...
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Permissions required to run inside Compute Engine

I have a Google Cloud Powershell script for managing snapshots that works flawlessly from my workstation but will not run inside the VM due to permissions errors like this: PS>TerminatingError(Get-...
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Why can't PowerShell find the gcloud cmdlets?

I've updated the Google Cloud SDK (gcloud), both in general with: gcloud components update And just for PowerShell with: gcloud components update powershell Running gcloud --version shows: Google ...
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