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Does Cloud Search API require cloud search to be signed up?

I need to use Google Cloud Search API for using with non-google workspace data (third party data like PDF etc.) Is it mandatory to sign up for cloud search to use cloud search API? Right now don't ...
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What workspace plan is needed for using Google Cloud Search API?

I am using "Google Workspace" with "Business Standard" plan. I followed this guild to build a search interface I ...
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24 views throws 400 error

Receive the below error when trying to enable 3rd party support for google cloud search. HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request Content-length: 163 X-xss-protection: 0 X-content-type-options: nosniff Transfer-...
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28 views throws 500 error

I am new to Google Cloud Search. My application will run outside the Google ecosystem and index data to Google Cloud search. I am working through the documentation to enable third-party support (https:...
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Wildcard search not returning results for search terms containing single-quote ( ' ) character

We're using Google Cloud-Search and searching a particular datasource for "O'Conn*" doesn't returned any results. ... "valueFilter": { "operatorName": "lastname&...
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GCS Dataflow throws an error - FileNotFoundException(No such file or directory found)

I have created a dataflow job in GCS which reads .tsv files from GCS Bucket and inserts into BigQuery Tables. Before forming a table row, I have to read a lookup file which has the column names. This ...
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Indexing custom properties with Google Cloud Search API

We are having issues indexing metadata with items added to Google Cloud Search with 3rd-party datasources, using the REST API. We are following this guide:
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Google Cloud Search Query via Node.js Error: This project doesn't have Cloud Search's Query API Enabled

I am working on Google Cloud Search API to search documents stored in Google Drive. I have Google Workspace account and few documents stored in Google Drive. I am able to search using Google Cloud ...
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Google Cloud Search Database Connector Issues

I am working with Google Cloud search ( and I am attempting to index a Cloud SQL instance. Presently I am ...
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