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The Keep API is used in an enterprise environment to manage Keep content and to resolve issues identified by cloud security software.

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How can I use gkeepapi to retrieve and print out the labels associated with my Google Keep notes?

Background I am using gkeepapi to get the labels of my Google Keep notes: import gkeepapi keep = gkeepapi.Keep() keep.login('[email protected]', 'password') labels = keep.labels() I want to read the ...
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Getting HttpError 400 "Request contains an invalid argument" when accessing Google Keep Api

I am trying to create a note via a python script, but keep getting this error. If I knew which argument was invalid I could fix it, but this is a very vague error message. My script uses a service ...
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Google keep api responds with invalid scope when using documented scopes

Above the issue I am trying to fetch access token to read data from my own google account using window forms application . Am I missing anything? Why should it open web browser for ...
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