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Google Postmaster Domain Reputation - which header is the source of tracked domain?

In my message's header I have two different domains used: in Received - there is in From - address belongs to Which domain's reputation will be tracked in Google ...
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Google PostMaster Service with PHP

I am new to Google Sevices.I am trying to setup and use Gmail Postmaster Tools API I am able to use it with PostMan but I want use it with ...
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Google Postmaster API - how to pass startDate parameter?

Here is my code to get the traffic stats from my Google Postmaster account. It works perfectly without the date parameters, but as soon as I add a startDate it doesn't work anymore $url = 'https://...
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Why does the Google Cloud Postmaster API return an empty array?

I have a service account. I wrote a PHP script that receives a token: <?php require_once 'JWT_1.php'; require_once 'JWT_KEY_1.php'; use Firebase\JWT\JWT; use Firebase\JWT\Key; $privateKey = <&...
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REGEX - Capture everything exept the sentence who start with a "["

I try since 2 day to write an Regex who capture some information from my postmaster digest. Exemple: 0.32768:0A006832, 4.33024:DD040000 [Stage: CreateMessage]Final-Recipient: rfc822;tXXXXXXXions....
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How to fetch traffic stats for a domain by date from gmailpostmastertools?

I'm trying to fetch traffic stats by date for a domain through gmailpostmastertools over OAuth2, I'm able to retrieve and traffic stats for a domain without any date parameters,...
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Unexpected 400 when integrating with Google Postmaster API

I am writing an integration with Google Postmaster, but have run into an unexpected issue; a domain I am querying against for traffic stats for a specific timestamp is returning a status code 400, ...
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Spike in Google Postmaster Tools Spam Rate Since Mid-October, Other Metrics Offer No Clues

I work for mid-sized email sender, and we are very conservative when it comes to the mailing that we do. We only email users that opt-in to our service and we follow all best practices. Our user ...
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Google Postmaster Tools, No Data to Display Message

I added my domain to Postmaster Tools and have my domain verified. Unfortunately when I tried to check the data (it is already 3 days until today), it showed No data to display at this time. Please ...
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Gmail Postmaster tool API

I need to use Gmail Postmaster Tools API, but in google documentation I don't find it that useful. I am facing issue in finding out which API key to use and what credentials to create, like Service ...
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Email sent via Firebase warns "This link leads to an untrusted site"

I'm using Firebase web in a mobile project. When users sign up with their email address, I'm using the firebase.auth().sendSignInLinkToEmail() function to send them a link they can use to log in. ...
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Bad Google Postmaster Domain Reputation

One of our client's domains, is experiencing issues with Gmail marking their emails as spam. This issue does not exist with any other email provider, which we have verified via glockapps....
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