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Routes API is the next generation, performance optimized version of the existing Directions API and Distance Matrix API.

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How can i show road is under construction when the road is under construction in my customzied Google Maps JS?

I want to show road is under construction in my google maps JS Application, But i'm not able to get the response from Roads API, Routes API or Directions API when the road is under construction Can ...
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Why does call the Google routes api URL return "Not found"? http 404?

I call GOOGLE Routes API, via HTTP POST call But the URL cannot found? HTTP 404? Is the GOOGLE service not available? Or how to call it? enter ...
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Using new google routes api - how can I render (show) route result to a map?

Using "old" google directions api we had directionsService for encapsulating rest query & directionsRenderer to show results to the map. Directions API example for javascript: // 1. ...
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Google Maps computeRoutes Polyline Decode using Flutter/Dart

I'm attempting to extract routes from the computeRoutes method from the Google Maps API ( I'm able to ...
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Google Directions Api Problem on optimisation

i am using directions api with some waypoints. the thing is that its not optimized, it goes with the order of my array and not with the most efficient order. i dont want the order of my array to take ...
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Setting up Google Routes API

I am struggling to set-up a HTTP request for the Google routes API and was wondering if anyone could provide me with an example HTTP request that I could try. Tried various HTTP requests expecting the ...
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Issue with outputting tolls using Google routes API

I am able to get toll information correctly using Google routes API when running the code on localhost. Response on localhost: {'routes': [{'legs': [{'travelAdvisory': {'tollInfo': {'estimatedPrice': [...
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Usage tracking per channel

According to this page there is opportunity to use param channel for tracking usage of api. How I ...
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How to know if google routes api has found no routes?

I am trying the new google routes api, I tried 2 edge cases: origin and destination are 2 points in the sea origin and destination are 2 points in the land but are very close (<10 meters) In ...
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Node js Google Routes Library Field Mask

I'm trying to use Node Js Google Library the method compute Routes. But in every execution i try i have: "catch getPathFromGoogle Error: 3 INVALID_ARGUMENT: FieldMask is a required parameter. See ...
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Google Routes api X-Goog-FieldMask is not working

i am sending a post request to with body as { "origin": { "location": { "latLng&...
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Using Routes Api not Direction Api Flutter

How should we send an HTTP request to the routes API, not the direction API, to get more precise polylines in Flutter? It would be helpful if anyone could give me an example of sending that request to ...
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How to return "waypoint_order" in Google Routes API?

I'm developing a system to trace a route using the Google Routes API. I have the origin and destination points and between ...
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Cast Error during HTTP Post Request to Google Route API,

This is the first time I am trying to use an HTTP Rest API with Post request, I am trying to use google Route API to compute direction, I follow the body from the google documentation however I keep ...
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How can you get journey time volatility info from Google Maps Platform APIs?

In the google maps user-facing client, you can get ranges on a route's time (e.g. a planned route from London to Edinburgh shows "typically 6 hr 50 min to 8 hr 50 min, Arrive at about 10:30 PM&...
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