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The Google Maps Platform Solar API is a service focused on helping accelerate solar and energy system installations.

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Using own map information including polygons in the solar API?

We are a company that undertakes droneflights and performing flights for local communities. In an automated post processing process we define the polygons of the roofs and till now we processed the ...
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What IAM roles/permissions do I need to enable an API on someone else's GCP project?

Someone at my organisation created a Google Cloud Project and granted me access. I want to enable the Solar API and generate an API key for it. Is there any IAM role they can give me so that I can do ...
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Annual Flux Data Tiff shows strange stripes

The annual Flux data for geolocation 50.243767211631294, 8.865066826274766 (Germany) has a strange stripe in it. See imageannual Flux Tiff The retrieved Quality is MEDIUM Did anyone had this issue ...
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How can I use the SolarAPI to obtain an image or TIFF file of a roof with solar panels?

In our application, we are currently working on energy planning for users' homes. To provide them with a basic plan tailored to their location, we require detailed user address information I have ...
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Ability to locate existing solar panels with Google solar API?

I've been looking into the buildingInsights endpoint of the Google Solar API, and was wondering if anyone knows if is is capable of returning whether a building has solar panels already installed on ...
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financialAnalyses data missing in Google's Solar API - findClosest method

Has anyone seen data in the financialAnalyses section of the solarPotential object returned by the Google's SolarAPI: findClosest method? I've looked through over 30,000 queries of Los Angeles County ...
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Retrieving the solar panel production hour by hour with Google Solar API

The new Google Solar API allows you to get solar information for a building just by querying the API with a set of coordinates. For ex, that gives the number of solar panel you can put on a given roof,...
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Can I change the Panel Parameter in the Google API buildingInsights?

Issue with Google Solar API: Modifying Panel Parameters I've recently started using the Google Solar API for my project and I'm facing a challenge when it comes to modifying panel parameters. ...
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Google Maps Solar API: Getting "404 Entity Not Found" for Specific Buildings, How to Check Available Areas?

I've been trying to experiment with the new Google Maps Solar API to assess solar potential for various buildings. However, I've encountered a consistent issue where I receive a "404 Entity Not ...
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