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Google's assertion/proposition framework for testing.

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Google Truth.assertThat.contains does not behave similar to List.contains

Using List.containsAll() and Truth.assertThat(list).contains(originalList) behaves differently. Working as expected assertThat(getItemsByChannelId.containsAll(entitiesChannelAPage2)).isTrue() Not ...
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Google Truth not allowing us to do .isGreaterThanOrEqualTo() and cannot chain multiple calls

This is using Kotlin in android through tried in a non-android project. It just asks if we want to create the function. The value we wanted to compare was a Double, but .toInt() did not help. FWIW, ...
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Java Truth OR assertion

I would like to check with Java Truth assertion library if any of the following statements is satisfied: assertThat(strToCheck).startsWith("a"); assertThat(strToCheck).contains("123&...
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Possible to generate Subjects for my domain model automaticly?

I'm a bit fan of Google's library. I have a large domain model in Java, and want to add several little custom assertions for them in my own Subject files. It's a bit of pain though to create ...
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Android Studio: Cannot import libraries JUnit and Truth

After creating class for unit tests like in official documentation I imported and org.junit.Test libraries, but android studio can't pick it up and shows ...
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How to use assertThat with any condition?

How can I write the following assertion: org.junit.Assert.assertTrue(result.any { == "Foo" }) with Google Truth assertThat?
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Truth extensions causing rest of project to downgrade to guava android

If I add the jar to my bazel workspace, it seems to totally nuke the classes from, resulting in errors like ...
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Truth ignore field

I am looking for Guava Truth equivalent of AssertJ usingElementComparatorIgnoringFields to ignore some field. Exemple: data class CalendarEntity( @PrimaryKey(autoGenerate = true) var id: ...
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How to check String equality in Google Truth assertions?

Truth.assertThat(actual).matches(expected) or Truth.assertThat(actual).isEqualTo(expected) ? The docs say that the matches() method takes in a String in the form of a regex but not sure if a string ...
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Unsatisfiable version constraints with androidTestImplementation Google Truth 1.0 and implementation Google Guava 27.0.1

In short I can't get a minimal and new Android Studio project to build with the following added dependencies: dependencies { ... implementation '' ...
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How to fix a split-package in test dependencies?

I have created an example project to explain the issue I am having. I have tests that use two dependency jars which have a split package. In this case google-truth has the split-package. build.gradle ...
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How to negate assertions with google truth

A list of Integers can be tested if it is ordered: assertThat(list).isOrdered(); but how can it be tested that it is not ordered? Is there a way to write: assertThat(list).not().isOrdered(); Or ...
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How can I override default failure message of a test in google.Truth?

I am writing a test that assert that a document does not contain a specific String. When the test fails, it prints the 'actual' value in the form expected not to contain a match for: my_regex but was ...
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Android Studio - Unresolved reference: truth

I am trying to include the Google Truth framework in my project for testing. I followed the documentation on how to get the project setup. This is from my app's build.gradle file: dependencies { ...
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Android X + Truth + Guava test compile issue

I have an Android library (called api) gradle module as part of a larger project. I just migrated the whole project to AndroidX. I now have this error when running instrumentation test on the api lib: ...
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How to compare two elements by using one of their attributes using Google Truth (Unit test)

I'm new to the Google Truth library and I was wondering if there was a way to compare two elements by using only one of their attributes. I know it is possible to do so with AssertJ so I was wondering ...
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How to use custom comparator / diff in PAssert of PCollection

I have a code similar to the one below transforming a PCollections of Protocol Buffer messages. Because some of them are pretty big I want to not only test it using for equality but also print where'...
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Android Studio : Cannot resolve symbol "Truth" (Truth library)

After coming across this gist :, I noticed it was using the Google Truth library : So I started by following the ...
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Use Truth to compare proto to string

Is there a way to use Google Truth to compare a protobuff to a string? I am hoping to find something that looks like this: assertThat(myProto).isEqualToString("a: 1\n b:2")
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Using Google Truth with Android text views

This may be obvious, but I can't seem to find a better way to handle this. I'm switching my project from using AssertJ to using Truth for several reasons that are beyond the scope of this question. In ...
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Testing frameworks: Is Google Truth a substitute for JUnit? How to I write test methods and test suites?

I came across Google Truth and thought to try it out. I read the information on that site but still have a basic question. Is Truth a substitute for JUnit? How should ...
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Expect (fail-at-end)

Can somebody show me a complete minimal example for fail at end behaviour? The docs I found says just: expect.that(actual).isEqualTo(expected); // supplied by @Rule Use case: I would like to have ...
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Making assertions about elements in an Iterable

I have a list of objects and I would like to make Truth-style assertions about the objects themselves, but I don't see any reasonable way to express anything more complex than equality assertions. I'm ...
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How to test that an expected exception is being thrown using google-truth?

I just want to test if an exception with a given message is being thrown using google-truth. Is quite easy to do that using junit using @Test(expected=, but I'm unable to figure out how to do that ...
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How do I check that a Collection contains at least N matching elements in google-truth?

Is there a way to check that a collection contains at least n elements from a list of expected elements (e_1, e_2, ..., e_m) for m >= n? I'm thinking something similar to IterableSubject....
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How do I assert that a List contains exactly one instance of a particular class?

I'd like to test that a list contains instances of an object. For instance, with a single instance: assertThat(mylist).containsExactly(Matchers.any(ExpectedType.class)); The array returned from ...
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Truth.assertAbout and JavaSourceSubjectFactory.javaSource()

I'm writing an annotation processor and want to write some unit tests for it by using google-compile-testing and truth: So I want to write a very simple unit test. import static
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Truth assertions library comparing to AssertJ

I used FEST-Assert and moved to AssertJ after it stopped development. Recently I was pointed to Google repository with another assertions library Truth ( Reading the ...
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