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gosec linter: G101: Potential hardcoded credentials

I get this message from the gosec linter: foo/cloud.go:34:2: G101: Potential hardcoded credentials (gosec) fooAPIKeyENVVar = "Foo_API_KEY" How to disable this warning?
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In gosec can I exclude all the Confidence:LOWs?

When I scan my code with Gosec, I want to be able to exclude the confidence:LOW results from being shown. I need that because I am using GitHub actions and I set it up in a way to block the PR if ...
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How can I disable "TLS InsecureSkipVerify may be true" error

I have a code like this: if cfg.GetRedisTLS() { clientOpts.TLSConfig = &tls.Config{ MinVersion: tls.VersionTLS12, //nolint:gosec // need insecure TLS option for testing and ...
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GoLang untaint URL variable to fix gosec warning G107

If I run gosec on the below fragment I get a tainted URL warning: G107 (CWE-88): Potential HTTP request made with variable url (Confidence: MEDIUM, Severity: MEDIUM) I figured I should use the 'url' ...
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