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How do you get a gradient background to work with bindings in .Net Maui iOS?

I ahve been trying to get Gradients to work in .Net Maui for the last few days on iOS but it seems to be crashing. It works perfectly in Android. <Grid HeightRequest="316" ...
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How do I animate a CSS gradient stop with a smooth transition to transparent?

I have the code bellow. How do I transition the gradient stop smoothly? Its just abruptly changing from one to another. Most examples of gradient animations I have seem use the gradient position, but ...
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Theme Resources to define gradient stop color UWP

I am creating UWP application.I have few LinearGradientBrushes, where the color is set directly in the LinearGradientBrush reference as GradientStops. However, I want to have a predefined set of ...
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Reverse repeating linear gradient

I'm using this piece of code to create a somewhat dotted border: CSS .strip { height: 5px; width: 80px; background: repeating-linear-gradient(90deg, transparent, transparent 10px, #...
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wpf bind ellipse gradientstop color to ivalueconverter

I have bind an ellipse to a checkbox and an iValueConverter (this works ... Fill(see below)). <Ellipse Name="ellLeftRoleEnabled" Fill="{Binding IsChecked, ElementName=...
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Blurry linear gradient stops in chrome

If I am using a linear gradient with multiple stops like this: div { border: 1px solid black; width: 100px; height: 2000px; display: inline-block; background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom,...
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How to set #FF0B3663 to GradientStop Color

Right now I am doing; var backGradient2 = new GradientStop(); backGradient1.Offset = 0.5; backGradient1.Color = Colors.Yellow; but I need to pass string like #...
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Method to create any background in C#

I'm trying to create a method in C#, that uses colors. public void Layoutgenerator(Color ColorA, Color ColorB) { LinearGradientBrush lgb = new LinearGradientBrush(); lgb....
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Where to add reference for System.Windows.Media.GradientStopCollection

I have gone to the "Reference" in Solution Explorer and tried to add it from "Framework" under "Assemblies" in the Reference Manager. Is there something that I'm missing in term of having a service ...
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How to make a diagonal css gradient without the colors blending together(a sharp color change) that's displaced 70% to the right?

I can't find any css gradient color generators that do what i'm trying to do. A diagonal gradient with no blending, just a sharp color change from #252525 to #0099ff(for example), with the line where ...
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OpacityMask from LinearGradientBrush with Absolute GradientStops in Silverlight 3

My question is similar to this one. However, the answer in that thread does not work for me, because I'm using the LinearGradientBrush for an opacity mask. I've got a grid with three rows: <Grid....
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How to bind GradientStop Colours or GradientStops Property in Silverlight?

I want to be able to have a dynamic Gradient in Silverlight, such as below: <RadialGradientBrush GradientOrigin="0.20,0.5" Center="0.25,0.50" RadiusX="0.75" RadiusY="0.5"> ...
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WPF: How do I bind the color property of a gradientstop that is located in a controlTemplate in vb code?

I need to do this in order to create a dynamic background brush for a custom control (inherits ContentControl). My custom control has two dependency properties: StartColor and EndColor. In the control ...
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Absolute GradientStops in LinearGradientBrushes

How can I go about specifying absolute Offsets for the GradientStops in my LinearGradientBrush? I have a GridView with a LinearGradientBrush as the background: <Grid.Background> <...
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