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Questions tagged [grunt-contrib-jade]

Grunt module to compile Jade templates

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1 answer

grunt test - Fatal error: Unit testing is not implemented yet

I already setup the project environment, and install grunt succeed. In terminal I tried run grunt that showing this for me: Then I follow the step. grunt build --env uat (this step running succeed) ...
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Sync delete .html files corresponding to .pug files between src/ and dist/

I use grunt-contrib-pug to compile my .pug files from src/ and distribute the corresponding .html files to dist/. Here is my pug-task config (written in .coffee): compile: options: pretty: false ...
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Grunt - Compile Multiple Jade Files using the Pug plugin

I have a Laravel directory structure and I have my Jade templates in the /resources/assets/jade/ folder. Inside this folder will have multiple sub-directories which I will need to copy their exact ...
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Compile Jade to Relative Folder with Grunt

I am using grunt to compile my Jade files. My folder structure looks like this -blocks -header -jade header.jade -html -nav ... What I want to do is ...
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Grunt jade error

Whenever I run grunt jade I get an error: Warning: pattern.indexOf is not a function Use --force to continue. Now here is my jade task: jade: { options: { pretty: true ...
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How can i get jade template to compile automatically in visual studio on save operation?

Could anyone post some basic steps on how to get *.html files to compile to *.jade files on file change / save operation in Visual Studio? I have installed nodetools, web essentials. Syntax ...
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Grunt - Jade files with same start compile into single file

I am using grunt-contrib-jade to compile my jade files. The issue I'm having is that say for example I have the following files: /views/user.html /views/user.index.hmtl /views/ These ...
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grunt-contrib-jade unable to read file (EISDIR)

Executing grunt jade:dev on this grunt.initConfig({ "jade": { "dev": { "files": { "cwd": "src", "src": ["**/*.jade"], "dest": "...
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How to make a Grunt file live reload when using jade?

I'm new to grunt and have been trying to make a development environment where on change to a Jade file to activate live reload. I have been able to turn on live reload when using a vanilla HTML file ...
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Running Grunt Build does not compile jade files

I implemented Jade template engine, Yeoman-AngularJS app, it is working fine on my local. But when deploying it, running Grunt Build does not compile .jade files. That's why I am getting an error ...
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Using lodash (or any other node modules) in Jade with grunt-contrib-jade?

Is it possible to access lodash (or any other node modules) with in a Jade template. Here is an use case I need to use Is it possible to access lodash (or any other node modules) with in a Jade ...
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