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H2O Wave is an open source software stack for building realtime web apps and dashboards entirely in Python without using HTML, Javascript, or CSS. See

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Started a Twisted Web Socket Client reactor from within an Wave app

I am currently working on a Wave dashboard app, which shows stats and insights real-time. The process is somewhat like this: Authenticate using a login Form. On successful login, Connect to a Web ...
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h2o wave app with realtime dashboard (using ui.small_series_stat_card)

I would like to create h2o_wave interactive app (not a script) with several pages/screens (using tabs), one of which would display a dashboard with continuously updated charts in real time. Something ...
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H20 cluster - generate the values in a tabular format for pdp plots

I am using the h20 cluster to train the model using tuned random forest and plot pdp plots using the below code tx = tuned_rf.explain(test_data, top_n_features=5, include_explanations='pdp') This is ...
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h2o-wave deployment with uvicorn, httpx connection err [Errno 111] Connect call failed

I want to run h2o wave with uvicorn command. in public document ( says wave run foo == uvicorn foo:main but in my pycharm terminal, "wave run foo" works ...
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How do I deploy my H2O wave app (e.g. with heroku)?

Is there a way to deploy an app created using H2O wave? I recently made a data visualization app and would like people to be able to demo it really quickly and easily. I have tried following this ...
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How do I use a specific host in an h2o-wave app

Currently trying to run an h2o-wave app on a remote server. I'm restricted to using as the host on the server (the specific port is not as restrictive). I've looked at the h2o configuration ...
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Deploy H2O Wave application to Heroku?

I am relatively new to deploying python web applications but I was trying to deploy my H2O wave app to Heroku but kept running into issues and I couldn't find much help in the documentation. ...
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Does H2O Wave include reactive programming model?

If H2O Wave does for Python what Shiny did for R then a logical question if reactive programming is supported by Wave? Reviewing docs I found Data Binding (it appears one-way) and Realtime Sync (which ...
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