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install Derivatives of hachoir library into Google Colab

How can I install derivatives of hachoir library like hachoir-core Or hachoir-metadata on GoogleColab? I tried this way !pip install hachoir-metadata but I got the error Command "python ...
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Error Installing Hachoir-metadata |Command "python egg_info" failed with error code 1 in...\hachoir-metda

I am installing hachoir-metadata from reference[3]. I have completed the following for the installation of hachoir-metadata: conda create -n hachoir-metadata pip python=3.5 activate hachoir-metadat ...
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Suppress warnings in Hachoir

I'm using hachior-parser to grab the duration of a large set of video files. (I'm resetting the "Last modified" date based on the file's timestamp, plus its duration.) I'm using code adapted from this ...
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jupyter-notebook output for loop not showing

When i run my Jupyter-notebook with python2.7 and try to print items (of a list) using a for-loop it just won't output the print statement after importing the following packages: import sys import os ...
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Does hachoir metadata or libextractor extract covers from ID3v2 and all another formats?

I've tried to use hachoir-metadata to work with multimedia files but I can't find how to parse covers in ID3v2 metadata. I see in source code that it know about a lot of covers tags but dose not ...
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Python + Hachoir-Metadata - Reading FPS tag from .MP4 file

I'm writing a Windows application in Python which has to read metadata from an .MP4 video file. I started writing the application in Python 3, but was unable to find a suitable module to read ...
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Hachoir - Retrieving data from a group

Trying to use Hachoir to retrieve metadata from a video file. Working reasonably well except when using 'get' or similar to return the width and height values. I assumed it would be: metadata.get('...
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Python: Using Hachoir, how extract metadata for file-like objects?

I'm working on a site that users uploads videos and audio files, I when uploaded, some common metadata fields must be populated from the file. I have found Hachoir and it seems good, but with a ...
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Hachoir Python Implementation on Blackberry

I need to implement the Hachoir libraries to parse through image files (the meta-data in them). My project requires this to be done on a Blackberry device, hence that would mean I will have to port ...
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Hachoir Parser in Android

I need to implement the Hachoir framework in the android phone. I am lost as to where to start and how to go about understanding the framework. Is there anyway to call the python files into my android ...
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