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Questions tagged [htmlhint]

For questions about HTMLHint - a static analysis tool for HTML code.

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1 answer

Import JavaScript code from an npm package in order to use it programmatically

I have installed the htmlhint library that I can run in my command line over any HTML file like this: npx htmlhint src/test-file.html This lints the file and outputs some HTML errors (if any), for ...
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Writing htmlhint rules

I've just installed htmlhint, and I'm using this .htmlinitrc: { "doctype-first": false } because this project is largely made up of include files, which don't have a DOCTYPE. The problem ...
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How To Integrate HTMLHint into Codemirror 6

I'm trying to add HTMLHint into Codemirror 6 by following the lint documentation and the eslint-linter-browserify demo for Codemirror 6. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but the lints are not showing. ...
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