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Does anyone know how to get query from query inspector in Grafana dashboard using http API via api request?

I'm trying to fetch data from query that is located in Grafana dashboard. I have an idea to get results from dashboard but not from the query inspector in Grafana. I have fetched data from dashboard ...
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Prometheus HTTP API - POST Request

We are working with Prometheus HTTP API, and we're sending GET requests to the following endpoint: /api/v1/query At the beginning things worked as expected, but recently when our queries got bigger, ...
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Azure Data Factory2's pagination rule (for HTTP API)

The concerning data is updated daily through an HTTP API, and no metadata is available. It consists of +/- 28 columns and 10,000 rows. There is a pagination of 30 applied to the API. It retrieves JSON ...
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How to access webpages running in Raspberry Pi through Unity project?

There's a webpage running on my Raspberry Pi. I want to access it through a button in a Unity Project. When I click on the button in Unity, it should redirect to the webpage running in Raspberry Pi.
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Sometimes some data is missing from Prometheus's query

I have 3 Ubuntu machines. Each of them has Prometheus installed with node_exporter. When I try to get network statistics, I query node_network_receive_bytes_total node_network_transmit_bytes_total ...
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How do you get the response as a string using the http_url_get method in rpg

Good day, I am trying to consume a get method on a server hosted locally. rc = http_url_get('http://sss:13013/cgi-bi/sendms?' + 'username=cous&pas' ...
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How to find freetime slots during working hours of 8 to 17hrs given an array of busytime slots in a day using php

am trying to write a function to find freetime slots during working hours 8 - 17hrs can anyone help with an algorithm please Can anyone read this array using its index { "starttime&...
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thingsboard send multiple data to device with http api with curl in cmd

i am trying to send two number to thingsboard iot platform. send one data is like this : curl -v POST --data "{"photoresistor":10}"
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Microsoft Teams: get process id of video call process

I am using AutoHotkey to (un-)mute teams calls (OS: Win10Enterprise). The code looks like that: LControl & LWin:: ;#HotkeyInterval 200 Send ^ WinGet, active_id, ID, A SetTitleMatchMode, 2 ;...
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Referencing lambda environment variable in Cloudformation template throws "circular dependency" error

I have an application that uses an AWS lambda function triggered by an implicit http api event, which gets post/get requests from a React app: "mylambda": { "Type": "AWS:...
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how to recive HTTP POST request in php file

This request sent to my specified url from payment gateway over http post request POST { "status":"SUCCESS", "notif_token":...
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Google Cloud Storage JSON REST API - Insert and List objects in a sub-directory in a bucket

I'm trying to figure out how to: a) Store / insert an object on Google Cloud Storage within a sub-directory b) List a given sub-directory's contents I managed to resolve how to get an object here: ...
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How to build Dockerfile on Windows via HTTP API?

I installed the docker on the Windows machine. Then I exposed the docker daemon to the localhost for the docker HTTP API usage. Then I wrote simple Dockerfile and try to build it in the following way: ...
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TRC20 curl for getaccount/getbalance

What is the correct curl format to view trc20 balance of an account? I tried the below command, but the output showed no balance. curl -X POST -d '{ &...
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Add Proxy to HttpRequest in java

I'm trying to understand how can I implement the use of a proxy for each request built like the following using Java API: HttpClient client = HttpClient.newHttpClient(); HttpRequest request = ...
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How to forward cloudfront to HTTP API with custom domain

I am serving static website with s3 and cloudfront at / path. I want to serve /api/* from HTTP API. My static website is configured properly with cloudfront. And I have also configured the custom ...
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Passing Complex Filter throw HttpApi in Asp.Net Core 3.1

I've build an Asp.Net Core Controller and I would like to pass Data throw the Url to my Backend. Throw my URI I would like to paste: filter:"[[{"field":"firstName","operator":"eq","value":"Jan"}]] ...
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Create different JWT authoriser in Auth0 and attach permissions based on the permitted roles

There are three kinds of users in my Auth0 tenant: Regular user (no role) Moderator user (assigned "Mod" role) Admin user (assigned "Admin" role) I created an API in Auth0 and attached to the ...
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Im trying to repeatedly fetch data from a http api and update my SwiftUI view accordingly

im trying to fetch some data from a Http Api and use the responded JSON to update the text in my SwiftUI view accordingly The problem is, that I need to fetch the data two times per second and I don'...
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2k views HTTP API not collecting events

The documentation and help for this particular is limited and sparse, so I hope it's OK to ask in here. I have just set up a workspace and a HTTP API source Per the docs, I ...
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Remapping values from min/max to max/min in Dart / Flutter

I am developing an application in Flutter via the Dart programming language. I am trying to control an RGB-LED via HTTP-API call. The problem im having is, that the LED is inverted in its properties. ...
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Passing variables to the Ansible httpapi plugin

I am looking for some help to add one additional variable to the HTTP plugin. I wanted to pass variable 'ansible_domain' from the inventory or variable file. I am able to pass to the username and ...
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How to fix "Unable to load shared library 'httpapi.dll' or one of its dependencies"

I'm a new in linux. But I need to run asp net core app at this os. I build and compile app successfuly in windows 10, but when I move this to linux and try to run get following exception Application ...
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Customize response header with Microsoft-HTTPAPI Server

I have a dictation service which is running on a Windows Server, behind a Microsoft-HTTPAPI Server which assuring a http communication to the service, I installed this service using a msi package (...
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