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A Clojure library for embracing SQL.

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No such namespace: sql

I read Web Development with Clojure, 3rd Edition and got stuck at: ; Jack-in done. clj꞉user꞉> (in-ns 'guestbook.db.core) #namespace[guestbook.db.core] clj꞉guestbook.db.core꞉>  (conman/bind-...
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In HugSQL SQL, Chinese parameters are replaced with question marks

在HugSQL SQL中的中文参数,被替换成了问号。 In HugSQL SQL, Chinese parameters are replaced with question marks. -- :name save-message-1! :! :n -- :doc creates a new message INSERT INTO guestbook (name, message, ...
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accessing map value by namespaced keyword

given a map in clojure, {::my-func {:meta {...}, :fn #function[hugsql.core/db-fn*]}, automagically defined, how do I retrieve :fn value? I've tried (get-in map [:my-func :fn]) (get-in map [::my-func :...
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HugSQL defined function not found

This will probably be very thin but I am running out of options... I am using clojure with hugsql and I am a true beginner with database tech. I am trying to call an user-defined function that a ...
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HugSQL Error: column "date_answer" is of type date but expression is of type character varying?

I am using clojure hugSQL to insert data into PostgreSQL database. I am trying to insert multiple rows into an answer table using :tuple* parameter. When passing a date I get the following error: ...
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How to avoid unresolved symbol with clj-kond when using hugSQL def-db-fns macro?

I write Clojure using the VS Code Calva extension, which uses clj-kondo to perform static analysis of my code. I'm using HugSQL to create Clojure functions from SQL queries and statements. I'm aware ...
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How to expand HugSQL parameter into multiple like statements

Does anyone know how this can be accomplished? (get-lists ["free" "food"]) -> Select name From Lists Where name like '%free%' and name like '%food%' I have tried: -- :name get-lists :? :* Select ...
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Why am I seeing Parameter Mismatch error in Luminus (Clojure)?

Edit (fixed)... If you are following the Luminus guestbook tutorial or adapting parts of it, you may come across an error like Parameter Mismatch: :name parameter data not found., and it may not go ...
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Nested namespaced keys in HugSQL Query

I have a nested map with namespaced keys like this: { :model.person/primary {:model.person/name "John Smith"} } Instead of simpliying this into a flat map I'd like to pass it straight through to a ...
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Building WHEN clause with a clojure expression in hugsql

I have a database with a status entity that I'd like to be able to fetch in many different ways. As a result, I'd like to build the WHEN clause of my query based on the content of a map. For instance,...
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Using HugSQL to INSERT multiple rows at once into PostgreSQL table with ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE

I'm working with PostgreSQL and wanting to INSERT multiple rows at once with an ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE statement. I've got something like this: -- :name add-things! :! :n INSERT INTO my_table ( p, ...
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How do I convert the returned maps to json csv in HugSQL results

I am trying to use HugSQL to select some records from my DB and I get back the records I have few problems when I try this code: f/attempt-all [_ (println "Getting DB records") ...
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Unable to mock HugSQL generated database functions with Midje

I'm having a problem mocking database access functions generated from HugSQL templates with the Conman helper library. These functions are defined at runtime like this: (conman/bind-connection *db* ...
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Casting Multiple Values in HugSQL or YesQL with Postgres

I'm trying to cast a list of ip addresses to ::inet but only the last element in the list gets converted. I've tried the following but nothing seems to work. select * from ip_addresses where address ...
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YesQL/pgsql "could not determine data type of parameter $1"

I'm trying to use NULL to reuse queries for both specific searches as well as returning index (basically implementing the idea discussed here ...
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Test error: how to use :id?

I'm trying to do this for the first time in luminus, h2, hugsql and clojure. The insert statement works fine when entered in a SQL client connected to the h2database, but fails in code. It seems it ...
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Avoid timezone changes with HugSQL

I have created an empty Clojure application where I read and write a date field to and from a database. The type of the column in MYSQL appears as DATETIME and in the application, I use the JDBC ...
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Hugsql can not read my sql file

I am truely lost here. I have a very simple application. All it does is to insert a user into the user table in my Database. I using Postgres. The code is (ns signupper.db (:require [hugsql.core :as ...
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match all key/val pairs

Original query: -- :name select*-list -- :command :query -- :result :raw -- :doc Select all lists. -- parameters() SELECT * FROM list; I want to pass in arbitrary key/val pairs and get matching ...
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Use custom function with HugSQL

I am using PostgreSQL version 10 on macOS 10.12.6 and would like to use a custom plpgsql function in a query which shall be accessible to HugSQL. The following ansatz works correctly: -- :name do-...
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how to have postgres ignore inserts with a duplicate key but keep going

I am inserting record data in a collection in memory into postgres and want the database to ignore any record that already exists in the database (by virtue of having the same primary key) but keep ...
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Log sql statments/queries executed by HugSQL

I want to log all SQL strings executed by HugSQL. I looked through the docs, but couldn't find anything. Whats the recommended way?
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Clojure getting data from db, transform and print into console

I have the following task. I need to create a console application which takes one param which is the number of data to generate. The data is person address and name. I create a table adress with state,...
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PGobject type conversion in Clojure

I'm having trouble with a type conversion problem in Clojure, using Hugsql. I'm new to Clojure and newer to SQL, and I'd appreciate any help I can get. We recently migrated our PostgreSQL db so one ...
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Handling nil parameters with Clojure/Hugsql

I'm using Hugsql with Clojure to access a Postgresql db. Several of my database tables have optional columns - for a simple example consider a "users" table with various address columns - address1, ...
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Force hugsql query functions to throw an error when they return the wrong number of results

Using Clojure and hugsql. I define my queries as such. -- :name query-should-return-one-but-returns-multiple -- :result one -- :command :query SELECT FROM some_table v; After using def-db-fns, ...
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