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Hyperdrive is one of the core modules of the Dat Project ecosystem. Hyperdrive implements distributed file sharing on top of Hypercore - another Dat ecosystem module, that handles raw P2P data streams.

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Can `dat` protocol efficiently support live streaming of video?

I would like to be able to live stream video (or any other file that is large and continuously modified/appended) via dat. Here it says, The dat:// protocol doesn't support partial updates at the ...
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Issues with dat project's hyperdb in browser with webrtc and signalhub

I'm trying to use hyperdb in browser with swarming via webrtc and signalhub. The code is pretty strait forward, but there is some issue with hyperdb replicate where the connecting is killed because of ...
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What is hyperdrive and how is that different from dat?

I've been trying to get into dat recently and I'm wondering about the difference between dat and the hyperdrive module.
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What are the differences between IPFS and hyperdrive?

A year ago I attended Munich meetup where I first saw hyperdrive project live, and found it impressive. I also recently stumpled upon IPFS –the InterPlanetary file system– and I wonder about the ...
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