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php-redis with serializer igbinary - PHP Fatal error

lighttpd 1.4.69, PHP-fpm 8.2.3, debian 11, 10.5.18-MariaDB, php-redis 5.3.7 - compression lz4 All packages are installed via apt object cache pro wordpress plugin php info igbinary support - enabled ...
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How to serialize GET and SET using igbinary inside go redis client

I have a php service and a golang service. I set the value of redis in the php service and use igbinary. How to correctly GET this value in golang service.
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Redis with igbinary in Wordpress PHP Docker container

I would like to allow my wordpress instance to access database content via Redis, using the igbinary serializer. I am using the Redis Cache Plugin for Worpdress by Till Krüss. According to my ...
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How to fix PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library?

when trying to install igbinary to xampp v3.2.2 downloaded dll from this link getting this below error, surprisingly php_igbinary.dll exist in 'C:...
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How to dump a compressed object for given key from Memcache?

I'm using the following command to dump the compressed object for given key from memcached: cat <(printf "\x1f\x8b\x08\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00") <(memccat CACHE-KEY) | gunzip It prints the value (...
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Fatal error: Class 'Redis' not found in Windows

This is my php.ini: extension=php_igbinary.dll extension=php_redis.dll This is my phpinfo: igbinary redis Whe I was run the code like this: $redis = new \Redis(); echo $redis;...
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Is there a memcached no igbinary support work around for CodeIgniter

Is there a work around for this problem I don't want to use the igbinary for memcached in codeigniter. And I don't want the message to show up anymore because it can't use the igbinary. However I ...
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Enabling OPcache breaks APC when apc.serializer=default

I recently experienced something strange and I haven't been able to find any explanation when googling. Setup: We're using APC We're using APC (3.1.15-dev) as the 1st level user data cache for our ...
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delimiting blocks of igbinary data

I am stashing chunks of log data in memcache to later throw into a database. On each request to the server I save an array of data using memcached::append(), using newlines to delimit the chunks. A ...
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Laravel Memcached - Set serializer

I am using memcached as cache driver in a project based on Laravel 4.2. I want to set another serializer different from the current one (igbinary) for this project. How & where can I do that?
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php extension pecl installs suffix error

I have a php instance on Webuzo (centos-6-x86_64.openvz) in /usr/local/apps/php54/. It already has pecl and phpize in /usr/local/apps/php54/bin/. When installing igbinary with command `/usr/local/...
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1 answer

Changing Memcache serializer

I want to change the default Memcache serializer (Memcached::SERIALIZER_PHP) by replacing it by Igbinary (Memcached::SERIALIZER_IGBINARY) in a server that already contains caches. If I make the ...
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IGBinary errors

I just replace serialized PHP with IGBinary . I follow this steps: cd /tmp git clone cd igbinary phpize ./configure CFLAGS="-O2 -g" –-enable-igbinary –-with-php-...
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Installing php redis with igbinary, header file is not found

I'm trying to install the phpredis extension, but no luck. After running the command ./configure --enable-redis-igbinary, I've received the following error: checking for igbinary includes... ...
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4 votes
2 answers

store binary data mysql

I want to store igbinary binary serialize data into MySQL. To improve performance is better to use TEXT or BLOB, or etc.
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2 answers

memcached igbinary support

Below is my phpinfo() output for memcached memcached memcached support enabled Version 2.1.0 libmemcached version 1.0.4 Session support yes igbinary support no json support no I'm using ...
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php, memcached, binary protocol

I'm trying to squeeze each bit from an application I'm writing, I've already installed and configured igbinary for serialization on apc, sessions etc. I'd like to know if any of you have actual ...
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igbinary_unserialize_header error?

suddenly i started to get this error : Warning: igbinary_unserialize_header: unsupported version: 538976288, should be 1 or 2 in ... Couldn't find anything on the net , nor anything wrong in my code ...
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How to enable igbinary with memcached installed first

I have memcached installed with libmemcached. Also I have installed igbinary. This is my php.ini: ; Directory in which the loadable extensions (modules) reside. ;extension_dir = "./" extension_dir = ...
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What is the php_binary serialization handler?

When I do phpinfo() or php -i from the CLI, I get the following output: session Registered save handlers => files user sqlite memcached Registered serializer handlers => php php_binary wddx I ...
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